We’ve seen little of Bashiok (and lots of Lylirra) lately since he incited universal hatred has been busy doing WoW CM stuff with the Panda Pack launching earlier this week. Though he’s gone he’s not forgotten, and I happened to check @Bashiok tonight while doing some news searching, only to encounter this exchange, started off MaxD17’s Twitter slogan you see to the right.

    Bashiok: Still Thankful

    I always felt bad about how heavily people were riding you for that one misconstrued quote. –OrianJohnson
    I thought it was funny. People without senses of humor are themselves hilarious. –Bashiok

    except it was in poor taste, and was a precursor to “fu*k that loser”. It was a sample of the whole d3 teams incompetence. –MaxC17
    I’d suggest following your own twitter account description’s advice. Have a great weekend. –Bashiok

    MaxD17’s Twitter slogan that Bashiok is referring to says, “Don’t take life or me too seriously.”

    If you missed the whole “be thankful” controversy, Bashiok kicked it off back in late June while doing his CM thing and attempting to be jovial and sarcastic as a coping mechanism while defending D3’s v1.0.3 nerfs from fanrage. In one post he said:

    We don’t want people to be afraid of nerfs, and … I guess maybe I can try to get that across by saying we could have nerfed a bunch of stats that probably deserve it to some degree, but we didn’t (aren’t you thankful!?), because we don’t believe our design approach should be constantly noodling with really important things, like stats. It should only be when we have an extreme situation developing, and we felt that was the case with IAS.

    This was (intentionally?) misconstrued by some fans (who never liked Bashiok and/or were angry about D3) as Bashy insulting players and saying that we should just be grateful we got to play the game at all. The issue never turned into a full on meme, but you still see references to this issue now and then, when someone complains bitterly about a Diablo III issue and throws in an, “I am not thankful” reference at the end. The best thankful-rage I saw was in a post that appeared shortly after Bashiok’s original comment, when a fan called him an “arrogant misanthrope.”

    Incidents like this (of which there were several, almost all created by Bashiok’s efforts to be sarcastic and joking, rather than just acting as a PR drone) probably have something to do with the fact that we he hardly ever posts in the D3 B.net forums anymore, and why these days the D3 CM comments are almost all from Lylirra and Vaeflare, who are both polite and straight-forward and very on-message in their forum replies.

    Perhaps when he views those forums these days, Bashiok thinks what DiabloWikiLyndon says (sarcastically) if you come near him in town, when you’ve not hired him for a while… “Don’t you miss me, just a little?”

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