Bashiok; Still Alive, Still Thankful

We’ve seen little of Bashiok (and lots of Lylirra) lately since he incited universal hatred has been busy doing WoW CM stuff with the Panda Pack launching earlier this week. Though he’s gone he’s not forgotten, and I happened to check @Bashiok tonight while doing some news searching, only to encounter this exchange, started off MaxD17’s Twitter slogan you see to the right.

Bashiok: Still Thankful
I always felt bad about how heavily people were riding you for that one misconstrued quote. –OrianJohnson
I thought it was funny. People without senses of humor are themselves hilarious. –Bashiok

except it was in poor taste, and was a precursor to “fu*k that loser”. It was a sample of the whole d3 teams incompetence. –MaxC17
I’d suggest following your own twitter account description’s advice. Have a great weekend. –Bashiok

MaxD17’s Twitter slogan that Bashiok is referring to says, “Don’t take life or me too seriously.”

If you missed the whole “be thankful” controversy, Bashiok kicked it off back in late June while doing his CM thing and attempting to be jovial and sarcastic as a coping mechanism while defending D3’s v1.0.3 nerfs from fanrage. In one post he said:

We don’t want people to be afraid of nerfs, and … I guess maybe I can try to get that across by saying we could have nerfed a bunch of stats that probably deserve it to some degree, but we didn’t (aren’t you thankful!?), because we don’t believe our design approach should be constantly noodling with really important things, like stats. It should only be when we have an extreme situation developing, and we felt that was the case with IAS.

This was (intentionally?) misconstrued by some fans (who never liked Bashiok and/or were angry about D3) as Bashy insulting players and saying that we should just be grateful we got to play the game at all. The issue never turned into a full on meme, but you still see references to this issue now and then, when someone complains bitterly about a Diablo III issue and throws in an, “I am not thankful” reference at the end. The best thankful-rage I saw was in a post that appeared shortly after Bashiok’s original comment, when a fan called him an “arrogant misanthrope.”

Incidents like this (of which there were several, almost all created by Bashiok’s efforts to be sarcastic and joking, rather than just acting as a PR drone) probably have something to do with the fact that we he hardly ever posts in the D3 forums anymore, and why these days the D3 CM comments are almost all from Lylirra and Vaeflare, who are both polite and straight-forward and very on-message in their forum replies.

Perhaps when he views those forums these days, Bashiok thinks what DiabloWikiLyndon says (sarcastically) if you come near him in town, when you’ve not hired him for a while… “Don’t you miss me, just a little?”

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31 thoughts on “Bashiok; Still Alive, Still Thankful

    • I like the tshirt. It was a shrewd move owning the quote. They did with the rainbow affair too, again with t shirts.

      I wondered why he’d been so quiet recently.

      • I think Flux got that covered, mostly because he’s around the WoW forums since MoP launched and he also edits the edits the articles on the site.

    • Yep.

      Flux says: “Lylirra and Vaeflare, who are both polite and straight-forward and very on-message in their forum replies.”

      I wouldn’t say it’s because they’re “on-message”, just that they aren’t self-important gits like Bashiok that routinely fail to answer people’s questions in an adequate, respectful manner.

      • Actually I see it as nothing more but a terrible attempt at creating a presentable image for the collective.

        Jay wants to fuck that loser, Bashiok is a stupidass goat-face unfunny loser with mother issues, and the majority of the players are still outraged months after the game’s release.

        They have to try SOMETHING, but they are nothing but busy idiots, working hard in all the wrong places. Instead of fixing the game, they’d rather play nicer with the forumers.
        Besides we’ve seen where Lylirra’s loyalties lie: with the RMAH. You saw a previous post of hers that got quoted in a newspiece here. She said “buy” instead of “find” when referring to items you would want.

        She’s a brown-nosed Blizz employee, all she cares about is suckering more people into the RMAH so she and the rest of the Bojos can collect the fees.

        • Also funny how Goatface decided to vanish just as I joined the Bnet forum. He knew he couldn’t take me 😉

          He is the Husk, and I am the Reaper. I’d own him lol

  1. I was once said (a long time ago)

    “Diablo 3 will be the fastest selling PC game of all time. However, it will generate much hatred and metacritic user score will be lower than 5 (or 6)”

    Continued with,

    “D3 will be Blizzard’s last commercial success and D3’s gonna be the beginning of the end for Blizzard.”

    Recent news: MOP sales are pathetic…

    For people that know how to look, all of these were clear as daylight.

    As for Bashiok:

    “Fuck that loser.”

    • Permaxium said:
      “I was once said (a long time ago)

      “Diablo 3 will be the fastest selling PC game of all time. However, it will generate much hatred and metacritic user score will be lower than 5 (or 6)”

      Continued with,

      “D3 will be Blizzard’s last commercial success and D3?s gonna be the beginning of the end for Blizzard.”

      Recent news: MOP sales are pathetic…

      For people that know how to look, all of these were clear as daylight.

      As for Bashiok:

      “**** that loser.”

      And the winner of most eager fortune teller goes to Permaxium.

      No, THIS is yellow journalism. 1) Sales numbers for MoP are skewed at best and non-representative, and thus good arguments to not cite them. 2) Are you a time traveler from the past? D3 is a very decent game now. Get off the whole “it’s cool to hate d3” thing. Really old.

      Anyway, here’s what you wanted for that post-

      /hands Permaxium a cookie for being such a cool fortune teller.

      • Decent game now? Apprently you’ve never played TL2 or Borderlands 2. Those are real loot games, not D3.

      • D3 is a decent game now? It isn’t much different than launch. Still no rpg in the arpg, still no interesting item affixes, still no build diversity, and still no motivation to play after beating the game since “having the cool items” is obtainable by “having the fattest wallet.”

        Oh, and it is still online only, no LAN play, and no modding. If by “decent” you mean polished, then you are correct. Very smooth gameplay, fun engine, etc. Too bad it is hollow to the core.

  2. In my eyes (as a non native speaker) Bashiok’s “natural sarcasm” mostly came across as aggressive and arrogant instead of witty. He probably faced more aggressiveness in the early stage of the game than other CMs face now, so the comparison with Lylirra might not be entirely fitting. As much as sarcasm can be entertaining, I go to the forums for informations, but some people (aggressive posting and whatever) should really realize that it’s all about a freaking game.

    • I figure that there was a time when CM’s and developers said whatever they wanted to, and as a result, outraged fans beyond belief. I agree that he came off as arrogant and aggressive yet I know that he was trying to be sarcastic (and failed).

      At some point after that fiasco, Bashiok stopped posting on the D3 boards and we got a new CM and their attitudes completely different in comparison to Bashiok. I think that behind the scenes, they clamped down on what can be said on the boards. I think that it went up as far as Jay and even he can’t say whatever he wants anymore.

  3. Bashiok’s comment was made during a complete “forest fire” at the offical bnet forums which had totally gone out of control after the infamous repair cost increase/ias nerf. Sarcasm just doesn’t work in these situations, and it is the internet – reading someone’s tonality is much harder here, especially when you have a history of making ambigious remarks like Bashiok has. His departure from posting is prolly best for everyone, including himself.

    • Gone? Why, I thought he was the perfect douche-canoe PR guy for a douche-canoe company that mangled a long running franchise.

      Sarcasm being the lowest form of wit and all, I thought he represented their company ethos?

  4. meh, too much hate on bashiok, get over it, move on. He mostly responds, so there in lies the problem.

  5. all I have to say about basiok is “f*uck that loser” he is a retard and not helpful. We have Lylirra now he/she is awsome awnsering question and giving out info like a boss, very helpful.

    Fire bashiok

  6. Oh no way!!!

    Did Bashiok walk in shit again. Did he just say that his appologuise was just a forced one?
    No, no, no. Bashiok needs a speech writer, he can’t talk freely, needs the telepromtor.

  7. The amount of ass licking Flux does for Blizzard does these days has gotten so bad that i smell shit by the the time I’m finished tying \\

  8. why for all the crap the commenters have given bashiok, they should look at what they said. honestly and everything they have said online. would they be perfect?


    when did bashiok get a prestige job of being at a level where his actions and words had to be 100% perfect and to what the ready wants to hear. He helped produce a game, that is it.

    Bashiok = human,

    And if I am not mistaken Bashiok has the right to say whatever he wishes.

    • Unlike most of the commenters, Bashiok gets paid to answer peoples questions in the forums and interact with them.

      He also works for a very high profile company.

      Therefore criticism of him is warranted.

    • Bashiok does NOT have the right to say whatever he wants, neither does Jay for that matter. The results of those comments were quite clear. Bashiok no longer manages D3 (it is now Lylirra and Vaeflare’s job) and Jay was forced to apologize for a PRIVATE COMMENT that he made. I think that his superiors also cautioned him to watch his words because people are always listening to what you have to say, especially people in his position.

      You have to remember that this is a business. They are employees and are paid for all this. They do this for the profit and because of that, the customers have to come first regardless of how bad you think they are.

  9. I kinda miss his inane arguments trying to convince players about the greatness of Blizzard’s many retarded decisions concerning Diablo 3.

    Made for some great comedy.

    “Concentrated Coolness” comes to mind.

  10. I disagree that it didn’t become a full on meme. People used that really often, like in a QQ thread the first reply would usually be “You don’t sound thankful.” Until Wilson’s facebook moment that was probably the 2nd most popular catchphrase on the bnet forums after the doubled it one.

  11. Some peoples E-feelings get hurt way to easy. I could give a fuck less what he said or didnt say. Where can I order one of those shirts?

  12. This just in: Internet is serious business.

    Also Vidya Gaems.

    (Translation: If people are really this hurt over an internet comment, they should seek professional help. Seriously.)

  13. Loved his sarcasm since the Drysc days. It is awesome that blizzard hasn’t pulled him from the CM job over all the tender hearted people, I applaud them.

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