Bashiok Spotted In The Wild

DiabloWikiBashiok hinted some time ago that he is in the game as a Unique Shaman and that there is a achievement tied to killing him with a special weapon. Sadly DiabloWikiBashiok managed to kill the player as he took a screenshot of him.

SPOILER WARNING – Picture after the break.

There we have him no go out and hunt him down.

Source: Twitter

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  1. “Sadly Bashiok managed to kill the player as he took a screenshot of him.”
    ahahah ROFL 😆 NO PHOTO! bang bang

  2. AM I the only one who finds humor in Bashiok having killed a player???

    Seems like a metaphor for something…

  3. that creature is far too attractive to be Bashiok

  4. I swear that when and If I find him, I’m gonna think of only his F*cking sarcasm he had pre launch and the DRM.
    I can guarantee, I will kill him slowly, then hurt him, and then Kill him again slowly in cold blood.

  5. Got him on my first playthrough, killed him fairly easily. Having quite a hard time on Nightmare though, i definately think D3 is harder than D2, and i like that 😀

  6. i killed a unique called Jay Wilson and got a feat of strength for it if you want a screenshot

  7. Killed him as well, with pleasure.

    lvl 46 atm, middle A3 Nightmare 

  8. You guys are way ahead of me and yes it is hard untwinked I you should expect. And you can’t get rushed though and instalevelled like the old days. I like that. The monsters are so huge, oops almost said something that could be considered negative better go hide in the cupboard.

    • Actually you can get rushed. I killed butcher for my friend when he was lvl 1 🙂

      as for hard or not. It’s not really hard, not on NM. There are few annoying packs though. Usually you are behind the curve with gear. I use daibo 92,6 dps atm but i keep finding 115 1handers with socket place to take them to 130. Just dont want them cuz daibo is rare with 7 stats :D, good ones too.

  9. I have the weapon and I carry it on me, but I’ve yet to see him. And yet I’ve killed three rares named Zarhym.

  10. I remember I saw another CM in act 2 normal Zarhym….

  11. Did he drop a blue item that was unidentifiable with vague text in the description?

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