@Bashiok Shares New Info Galore

Bashiok’s been replying to a lot of tweets about D3 stuff this week, just like @Diablo used to do before Bashiok and the various not-Bashiok CMs running it lost interest and started spending all their time on their own twitter feeds.

Maybe the most interesting tidbit is about the new and mysterious “DiabloWikiNephalem Valor” system. It’s not enabled in the patch now, and details are few since we know of it only from one string of datamined info, which says that “Defeating an Elite/Champion pack has increased your Magic Find and Gold Find.” Players are expecting this to be Inferno-only, and likely to have some time duration to it, but it’s just speculation at this point. Happily, we are going to find out the details soon enough.

Can you tell us more about the Nephalem Valor? Visible, invisible stat? Achievement stat for every map, bosses or not? –intervective
We’re working on gathering up details and writing up a nice post about it, since it’s pretty cool. –Bashiok

Hey Bash, can you ask the dev guys to add a gameplay option to block white item pickups? My bags are always unintentionally full! –DaytonThomas
Yeah I think the /nopickup option from D2 is on a short list of options to add. –Bashiok

Skeletons with 1hp will just sit there and laugh at you. I sense many challenges to come that we have yet to witness –redditdiablo
With their shambling, rattling lives so close to an end, I applaud them for having a sense of humor about it. –Bashiok

Can holding back the arena affect the price of D3 produts? –Kross_D3
And then we charge you for it later? Nah. It’ll be a free patch. –Bashiok
think hes asking if it will be cheaper since your selling an unfinished product –dougy321

PLEASE! Will D2 resets still be happening once D3 is live? I want to play both and I’m sure many do! –AOCGUY1
We don’t plan to stop resetting the ladder. –Bashiok

no EU servers for diablo, so this will kinda sucks like WoW… big lag queues… etc –DiabloFan25
? There will be EU servers (and there are for WoW). We just don’t have any beta hardware there. –Bashiok

Will the beta launcher update to the Release version or will we have to uninstall just to reinstall? –JustinDoss1
They’re different clients. I don’t know if you’ll need to uninstall beta, but I don’t think it will be used for retail. –Bashiok

Finally, there’s a week long “press event” coming up this week at Bilzzard, with the NDA ending March 19th, but it’s for the upcoming WoW Panda Pack. It’s not Diablo 3. I’s understandable that people are confused about this, (we’ve had several fans submit the tweet as news) since 90% of Bashiok’s tweets are about D3, and there’s nothing in his tweet to specify which game it’s about.

so this week press thing does this mean we will be getting daily updates on what’s what? (out of touch bn away from home ) ty ty –llspadgell
We have a press event this week but all the info will be dropping the 19th. –Bashiok


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  1. Sounds like his got the go ahead to start answering lots of questions.

  2. How would you know the press event is only about WoW’s Panda’s?

    Edit: Oh I didn’t check the link… /facepalm… still why would Bash be involved in this? :S

  3. Why the hell would u be playing both?

  4. think hes asking if it will be cheaper since your selling an unfinished product –dougy321

    Then we’d have to pay later for the arena…

    Wait…I’m ok with that. 🙂

    • Except you pay now for something you might have later. I’ll probably stop playing before it comes out, ie 5-6 months.

      Wow content patches are about every 6 months, and since they’ve basically modeled every non-action rpgy aspects around wow, uh yeah. 

      • I agree. I’d rather pay 50 now, and let everyone who wants PvP pay 10 later on top. But because we’re all willing to pay 60 without the arena (certainly the vast majority of those who intend to buy will buy anyway), they can capture more revenue this way. As for content patches taking months to deliver, I also agree, they probably will. Anyone have a timeline of D2 content patches? I’m curious now…

  5. I wonder if they will ever make the constricting ring and merman’s sprocket boots droppable in D2? It would be cool if they made a patch before D3 launches to enable those two items to drop. I dont know if I could go back to 2 after 3 comes out because I am sure the playstyles are going to be different, but I think people will still play D2 for years to come. For all its shortcomings, there has never been another game thats gotten me hooked as bad. Plus, I would imagine the first week or so of D3 will be so crowded that disconnects will be frequent.

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