Bashiok Responds on Release Date and Teases Info Update

Bashiok will no doubt be on the frontline after this evening’s Q2 news, and he hit the boards quickly with:

It’ll be fine. We’ll have some info real soon on skills and runes, a new patch, and we’ll be cookin’ on the road to Releaseville.

Can’t we just enjoy each others company?
Bashiok will probably be running for cover about now.

Update: Yes, sounds like he is. Now play nice everyone!

I’ve been doing this long enough you think I’d know that no rational discussion is possible at times like these. Thanks everyone for posting, if you can please find a different thread to offer your feedback/theories to, and please follow the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines while doing so.

…We’ve only ever said “early 2012”. And we just decided we’d need until Q2 this week. Seems like the conference call was as good a place as any to announce that.

Following the last patch it was inevitable another update from Jay (or someone) would be coming due to the lack of info on skills and Runes in Jay’s last update so at least we have something to look forward to in the interim.

In the meantime, as you’d expect, the news has not been received with open arms although the forums (view thread) seem a little calmer than the comments in the news items below this one but on the other hand the Facebook page is um, very angry to say the least – they tend not to hold back on Facebook I find.

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  1. We will see… Q2 it is. This got me slightly more optimistic, if Bashiok says that release is not that far (he is implying it), it probably means something.

    • “it probably means something.”

      It means this game is going to come out rather unbalanced with little time for the new changes to be bedded in properly before release.

      Expect 2 or 3 patches within the first 2 months to fix up bad balance problems.

      • I don’t see why balance issues are all that big a deal if they exist – PVP is barely even in the game.  Balance issues might make more people play one or the other classes just to make things easier on themselves, but that doesn’t really affect anyone else’s experience.

  2. Let the PR spin machine begin…

  3. We can enjoy each other’s company if they’d go ahead and send me a blasted beta invite.

  4. Hey Bashiok, how ’bout no? I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be your customer. Release the damn game!

  5. I refreshed Bashiok’s twitter 10 seconds after the Q2 bomb dropped during the conference call and he already had 30 new tweets. Probably in the 100s now.

  6. I guess making an 180 degree turn on every aspect of the game every month or so isn’t so good for meeting your deadline. They should’ve got their act together long time ago.

    So freaking lame how Bash ended this thread. All the people were asking him if he thought May/April was early 2012. He didn’t reply but closed the thread. Speaks for itself I guess.

    • Well, I’m sure a lot of people would consider April still in the ‘early’ range but may is pushing it… That’s pretty much summer then and more like the ‘mid’ part of the year. So if it happens in April they were still on target…

  8. “…And we just decided we’d need until Q2 this week…”

  9. Better be some damn groundbreaking changes to both the rune and skill systems to have them justify this delay.
    But I honestly doubt it.

      Now you have to actually temporarily tattoo the runes on your skin and have a camera read them while playing in order to apply them skills… and to learn a new skill you have to do an interpretative dance that boss monsters do as their death animation… obviously you need a Kinect to play…

  10. What rational discussion is he referring to?  You targeted late 2011, then Q1 2012.  Now you are telling us Q2 2012… a rational person would have stopped giving weight to your targets by now and would not appreciate a flippant attitude.

    They have to know what a disappointment this is to their fans.  Why not be more contrite?  Why not offer some carrot of new information besides, “new info to come in the weeks ahead!”  That doesn’t soothe our anger.  That doesn’t remove any of our frustration.

    • Nah.  Instead they expect us to believe this Q2 business is actually “for real” this time.  I think it’ll be out in Q2, but considering they “missed” the target the past two times…. They shouldn’t be surprised when people are rude or pissed off… seriously.

      But then again, would anyone actually be surprised if it got pushed to Q3?

    • Yip. How about some new screenshots of Act 2 or even some glimpses from Act 3?

      What would it cost them? Nothing. What would it gain them? A modicum of pacification for the restless fans.

      • The glimpses of Act III didn’t turn out so hot but I agree with you. I’d like to see screenshots from Act II, maybe higher-res images than what we got in the BlizzCon videos for the oasis and the archives.

        They did it for D2 and there wasn’t any perceivable downside.

  11. Does someone still believe him/them?

  12. So basically they will bring it out around june 29th  for the anniversary of D2 and LOD.  im hoping april/may but i doubt it seeing as they have to go gold and then ship to stores and then wait a lil and then release . that process usually takes a month, and i think they will still be making tweaks until mid march. i just wish they would give europe some beta keys. i have been following the game since the day before it was announced due to the fact i had some weird dream that it was going to be, but even i am starting to feel the strain of the wait :S.

  13. If I were on the Blizzard staff, I’d be working my ass off right now just to avoid having to deal with the ravening fans going bat shit crazy on us anymore. Not that it isn’t justified…

  14. After being in the beta for the last 3 months, I can honestly say the game has gone backwards. In fact the last few patches have caused me and my wife to stop even testing it. It really has been dumbed down to the point where anyone can play it and do well with 0 effort. Much of the depth of the game has been cut because they apparently have not had enough time to work on it. They should have released last year and tweaked, but now I think they should just gut the game and push it to Q4 and put out something worth a damn. If not this game will die out before the end of the year.

    • Totally agree. This is what I’m most afraid of concerning D3. Can you or anybody else confirm that this is not only due to the beta beeing the very beginning of the game?

      • I think both of your statements are a bit like judging Mario Bros only by world 1-1, but I could be wrong.  Lets remember there is the rest of the acts and difficulties through Inferno + PvP that we haven’t even seen yet.  Reading the Book of Cain, I’m not sure the game is abysmal as you hint (I hope!)

  15. Normally I’m a fanboy but I’m VERY glad people are being vocal.  They need to ship this thing by June just like D2 and worry about fixing it in subsequent patches.  “When it’s done” needs to change to “man, we better finish this because of the Occupy Blizzard protest and bonfire outside of our campus”.

  16. Bashiok before conference call on whether you should listen:

    “They are super boring. Up to you. I always recommend against it.”

    Bashiok after conference call when news hit that the community wasn’t aware of yet: (

    “We’ve only ever said “early 2012″. And we just decided we’d need until Q2 this week. Seems like the conference call was as good a place as any to announce that.”

    So after he told us the day before the conference call that it would be broing and that he would recommend we not listen, he confirms that he knew at the time that they were going to go public with the Q2 target.  This guy is a total tool!!!  What a shame that this is what we’re stuck with as a source for information.

  17. I think I hate diablo now.. Just read that they didnt even announce a release date @ they’re stupid a$$ meeting today. I mean like wtf it’s just a damn release date! It sux because even when they announce the release date we still have to WAIT till the game actually comes out…………………………………… “DIABLO NUKEM”, And all  I have to say this game better be than damn good. I’m sooooooooo pissed off about this game because they cut the death animation, chats (i dont know if this evens matter) , The monk class pisses me off also cuz it seems half assed done since it has NO weapon animation which seriously bothers me and I read about the new rune design and Im actually really scared from what i read cuz it SOUNDS stupid… but w/e release this game if it sucks, it sucks, if it’s cool, it’s cool… you had too much time to create this game.

  18. I Just got the new Mass Effect book and Book of Cain last night, and I wasn’t able to decide which to start last night. This release date thing made the decision for me. Looks like I’ll be reading Mass Effect Deception and waiting til we’re closer to a D3 release for Book of Cain.

  19. Well I’m certainly looking forward to new info on skills and runes.

  20. You guys act like you’ve never waited for a Blizzard release before. I remember when they started using the “When it’s done” time frame.. lol. This is nothing, we should all know the drill by now.

  21. Q2 sounds too good to be true, considering they cancelled Blizzcon this year I am thinking more like Q3.

    Seriously, Diablo isn’t a complicated game. With Blizzard cutting out so many features, I have to wonder what they spend all those years on?

  22. So… let’s sum it up shall we? (probably forgetting some..)
    – Mystic – cut
    – Talisman – cut
    – Death Animation – cut
    – Stone of Recall, Nephalem Cube, Cauldron of Jordan – cut
    – Town Portal – cut – back in
    – Monk weapon animations – cut
    – various Scrolls – cut
    – Cemetery of Hardcore characters – probably out (look up the twittergeddon transcript second to last question)

    now who wants to bet we will see inferno cut for the sake of a 2012 release? *sigh*

    • The only actual functionality in your list that has been cut is the talisman. The rest that has been cut (and not shuttled to a different system) are simply cosmetic. The Halls of the Dead was never guaranteed, much less stated to be in the game.

      So hey. If we’re going to make fun of them, then make fun of them for constantly shuffling everything around. It’s like they’re playing some super metro version of game designer feng shui.

      • Frankly i find the weapon and death animation thing more annoying, because that is stuff they could have had someone working on since 2008/9 on no matter the state of the skill system etc… it’s not like they don’t have the money…

  23. Please blizzard release WoW expansion first, then SC2 expansion and then Diablo3 =))..
    So Summer 2015 =)

  24. Hm… So if this push to Q2 was a recent decision, then it makes me wonder what they were targeting before now. Was it going to be March and it got pushed into April or May or were they seriously considering February at one time? How many times has their internal target gotten pushed back by their indecision and endless second-guessing? I’d be willing to wager that it’s been moved at least 10 times this year alone…

  25. The facebook fans are notoriously harsh. That’s what really made me laugh at the RealID thing a while back when they wanted us to use our real names on the forums so we’d “behave accordingly” as we would if it were not “anonymous”. Then you look at the facebook page with people using their real names, screaming uncensored obscenities I haven’t heard since third grade at them non-stop.

  26. well, f*ck you, Blizzard! Im sick and tired from your nonsenses from a long time.

  27. Even the beta has taken steps backwards. Just looking at the monster affixes alone I am incredibly disappointing. They are all BORING, not “super-awesome”, and not fun. Unfortunately I got into beta in the last wave and was i disappoint.  B O R I N G affixes.  I ended up giving my account to my friend and having him level up to 13 on everyone so i could mess with all the available skills. Even he couldn’t stand getting to 13 on everyone (which is actually quite easy ) Anyway, while I enjoyed my first run and testing out new classes, the actually experience of champion encounters etc was incredibly underwhelming.

  28. The problem with blizzard is, when they say 2011 they mean “last week of December” — when they say Q1 2012 they mean “last week in March” — now we get this Q2 B.S… you know what that means? That’s right — last week in June (if we’re lucky!)

    Oh well. At this rate Borderlands 2 and RE6 will be out before D3 — hell, maybe even Halo 4,5 and 6! lol.

  29. Sad to see how it got pushed back again 🙁
    I just wonder how they ever really did think about release the game in the end of 2011? For me it looks like that the beta start was pushed out too early. And they internal never really did belive in a release in Dez 11.

  30. We need an Operation CWAL 2.0!

  31. God blizzard, just take out the DRM. it’s quite clear that the only smart guys on your team are the FMV creators. (I wish they get leaked, then I won’t have to wait for the game anymore).
    “We’ve only ever said “early 2012?
    very few people can go so low and be utterly shameless. Quality product my A*S (posterior :P) all hail, the long lost brother of Duke Nukem Forever …DIABLO 3.

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