Bashiok will no doubt be on the frontline after this evening’s Q2 news, and he hit the boards quickly with:

    It’ll be fine. We’ll have some info real soon on skills and runes, a new patch, and we’ll be cookin’ on the road to Releaseville.

    Can’t we just enjoy each others company?
    Bashiok will probably be running for cover about now.

    Update: Yes, sounds like he is. Now play nice everyone!

    I’ve been doing this long enough you think I’d know that no rational discussion is possible at times like these. Thanks everyone for posting, if you can please find a different thread to offer your feedback/theories to, and please follow the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines while doing so.

    …We’ve only ever said “early 2012”. And we just decided we’d need until Q2 this week. Seems like the conference call was as good a place as any to announce that.

    Following the last patch it was inevitable another update from Jay (or someone) would be coming due to the lack of info on skills and Runes in Jay’s last update so at least we have something to look forward to in the interim.

    In the meantime, as you’d expect, the news has not been received with open arms although the forums (view thread) seem a little calmer than the comments in the news items below this one but on the other hand the Facebook page is um, very angry to say the least – they tend not to hold back on Facebook I find.

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