Bashiok Re-Confirms Diablo Console Project

Yesterday, DiabloWikiBashiok replied to a tweet about the Diablo 3 console project with a short and factual statement that DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira was the head of the Diablo console team. I read the tweet and didn’t consider it newsworthy, and I bet Bashiok didn’t either, (given that he personally announced the Diablo console project back in October 2010) but as happened a few weeks ago when Blizzard posted their latest Diablo console job opening, a ton of general gaming news sites, all of which apparently missed the heaps of Diablo console news from Gamescom and Blizzcon last year, picked up Bashiok’s tweet as though it was a revelation. So here it is.

can you confirm or deny Diablo 3 coming to consoles? Thanks. –TaNGoIX
Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project. —Bashiok

We’ve posted seven news items about Josh Mosqueira interviews since late last year, and in all of them he talked about being the head of the Diablo console team at Blizzard. Those are just a few of our the dozens of Diablo console news items we’ve posted, and of course the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiconsole article goes into great detail on the subject and includes numerous Blue quotes about the project. For example, here’s a paraphrase of Jay Wilson speaking at a Blizzcon panel last year.

Jay Wilson: We’ve hired people to work on the console. We have an internal team. We’ve spoken about it since it helps with hiring. We think Diablo 3 will work on console, we’ve experimented with controls, etc. But it’s essential to us that it not compromise the PC game at all, and it doesn’t feel like a crappy port to console either. Both should stand alone and work nicely. But we’re not announcing anything until we’re more sure about it.

That’s still the most definitive statement on the project, and we’re unlikely to learn more until Blizzard makes an official announcement with specific details And you know how they are about those. “Soon.” “When it’s done.” Etc…

Update: Just to help out the game journos who “broke” the news today on the console version Bashiok Tweeted a clarification, and followed that up by retweeting a fan’s sarcasm:

“Yup” wasn’t meant to be an announcement. We’re still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.


The lesson here, do some research before posting a so-called “announcement”.

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  1. This better not be the reason for the delay.

  2. It doesn’t mean much. I’m sure Starcraft: Ghost had a lead designer as well.

    • They say as much at RPG Reporter with the headline “Diablo 3 Not Confirmed for Consoles Despite What You Read”. 🙄
      Having played SC: Ghost myself at E3 some years ago, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the console D3 met the axe eventually.  Ghost was looking really good. And actually, it’s on “indefinite hold.”

  3. HAHAHAHAH. I’m laughing my ass off.  There are so many apologists in the previous threads commenting about Blizz, the changes they’ve made, the delays.  It’s sweet music to finally hear it out of the horse’s mouth its because they were selling out to consoles.  All the simplification, all the stripping down, we now know why. Christ even the crappy hitboxes that was highlighted the other day, it all makes sense now.

    • d3 on consoles isn’t breaking news. you act like a great mystery has now been solved.

      • It’s not a mystery but not one comment in the last few days has brought that up console development as a point in all the pointless speculation about the delay and why the beta experience has been so disjointed.

    • Explain to me why Diablo 3 on consoles requires “crappy hitboxes”.

      • Really? This happens all the time in FPS…….
        It’s done because a mouse a hell lot more precise than a joystick for that fine point clicking.  If you can hover the mouse in the general vicinity of a mob and still make hits like the video posted demonstrated all of a sudden loose controls on a xbox 360 controller aren’t such a big deal eh?

    • You are a moron. Why would the delay the PC/Mac release for the game when they have only been researching the possibility of it coming to consoles. They have even specifically said that the console team is separate from the main team and that the possible console version has nothing to do with the PC/Mac version’s release date… so yeah… you can stfu up now, troll… 🙄

      • Lol, I’m a moron? You’re willing to go on the record that Blizzard of all developers will not make a simultaneous release on both platforms?  Please.  Sit down.  It’s not speculation, its reality, Diablo is coming to living room boxes.  Just because a separate team is working on it does not preclude delaying the final release if all loose ends are not tied up.

        • Do I really need to repeat myself?

          The console team is a totally separate and much smaller team that is currently researching how they would go about remaking Diablo 3 to work on the Playstation 3. Jay Wilson himself said during this past Blizzcon that the console version’s development had no bearing on the release of the PC/Mac versions. The console version will most likely be released many months after the PC/Mac versions. There is no indication or evidence that they have changed their minds on this and are striving to release all versions simultaneously. You are a moron.

          Now please stop trying to fight against reason and truth lest you make yourself look even stupider than you already have… kthxbai

  4. Hurray! M0ar dumb-down!

  5. I love my PS3. Playing on the huge screen with a wireless controller under my blanket on my couch is just great. For me: PS3 > PC.

  6. game delayed due to simultaneous pc and console release objective

  7. Sweet, now they can have drawings for PS3 beta testing and just send out activation keys in the PS store for the download just like it’s done off of the site.

    • Ow… you do realize that between announcing a lead designer and sending download keys they also need to develop the game?  😀

  8. Diablo.IncGamers, helping people feel clever and superior since… sorry, forgot the year… since forever! 🙂

    Russian site AbsoluteGames has just posted news “game platforms or status changed”.
    Left an “ur all stoopid” comment there, feeling good 🙂

  9. “But it’s essential to us that it not compromise the PC game”

    Whoa! Diablo III confirmed for PC!

  10. If consoles get offline play PC doesn’t then Blizzard needs to get punched in the face.

    • I really do fear it will be offline play and if thats the case it just means pc version get a drm version and they dont *rolls eyes*…..  It will be a shitstorm i reckon.

  11. Health globes, 5-skill (or is it 4?) limit, auto-pickup options. All of those make sense now.

    I knew their justification by the Blizzard devs weren’t sufficient in the past, something had to be up for them to introduce these otherworldly “features”.

    • 6… It’s a 6 skill limit… The rest is there for the convenience of all and to keep the game going at a quicker pace without having to keep trekking back to the town to restock on pots and such… So yes, they make sense, but not for the reason you are citing… you can go crawl back into your hole now, troll… 🙄

  12. I usually try not to determine what’s news worthy and what’s not but after reading this I still thought it wasn’t news worthy, and just chalked it up to one of the infamous slow news days. But after reading through these comments, I’m genuinely surprised at the amount of trolls that are taking this “console project” to be anything significant in relation to the PC release. 😐

    Nothin special guys, and it’s not the reason for the delay.

  13. complete waste of time and resources.

  14. Well fuk the fukin console! NOONE will play Diablo 3 on a console!!!!! -_-

    They delay my D3 again couse of the fukin console useless utter retardness project!

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