Blizzard’s D3 CM Bashiok was a busy boy in the forums today. As usual, I’ll briefly paraphase the questions and quote Bashiok’s replies in full. These are all from the same post, in which he replied to multiple queries.

    Will the acts be separate, or all blur together?

    Act transitions haven’t really been discussed externally. It would be cool to have something a bit more engaging; however, I think the Diablo II style zoom-zoom to the next act …worked.

    Can characters fall or be pushed off the edge of a level?

    No. Unless it’s part of a special event or something.

    Can we filter B.net games by mod being used?

    We’ve never supported and don’t intend to support “mods” for Diablo II or III.

    If there are forest landscapes like the Kurast jungle, can we clear them out or will they be pre-defined paths like in D2?

    We haven’t announced/shown any locations beyond those on the website.

    Will there be more boss-specific fatalities like the Barbarian head bite by Seigebreaker?

    That’s what we would like to do. We’d like it that when a player dies to a boss we may have a special/random event or death animation specific to that boss. So if you’re going to die or have died to a boss, there’s a random chance that you’ll see something other than a normal death. That’s the dream any way.

    Night and day cycle? Any difference in monster behavior between them?

    Not that I know of.

    Can the Character window display base stats + bonuses?

    The UI is still under some design revision, but currently in Diablo III you can open your character sheet, and when mousing over a stat it lists what your total stat is and then breaks it down to base stat plus any modification. So for instance Vitality may list: “24 (22+2)” if you’ve got something giving you +2 to Vitality.

    That’s the current design any how, but I don’t see any reason for it to change.

    Which question would you like to ask yourself and then answer?

    Q: What’s your favorite thing about playing Diablo III right now?
    A: Blood sprays. They never get old. Zombies seem to just be chock full of the stuff.

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