DiabloWikiBashiok made several quick posts in the forums today. His longest post was in reply to a guy comparing the music in Torchlight to the music in Diablo 2. (Both were composed by Matt Uelmen.)  Bashiok’s take? No moar Torchlight talks! (Is okays. We can has Torchlights forum for joo.)

    I know there have been two very good games recently released that are in the same genre or feature some of the same mechanics as Diablo, but I’d like to keep the threads here on topic.

    If you want to discuss any other games please take it to the off-topic forum.

    If you want to bring up specific ideas or features that come from those games, or any game for that matter, that’s totally fine, they can stay here as long as they’re relevant ideas and topics for this game.

    I’d just like to keep the threads out that aren’t here to add to the conversations of Diablo III.


    Bashiok also made a quick reply to someone asking about the DiabloWikiTalisman.

    We’ve never said anything about it because it may not even end up being a feature in the final game. It could just get cut.

    Actually, I asked Jay Wilson about this during our recent interview, and he gave quite a bit of info. There will be some sort of substantial stat boosting system in D3, whether it works through the Talisman or something else.  Click through for more details and one last Bashiok post.

    From our recent interview:

    Diii.net: The Talisman. You said initially it was some sort of stat-boosting thing, but it?s been disabled for the past year and a half, in playable builds anyway.
    Jay Wilson: Mm-hmm. It?s still on hold.

    Diii.net: People are wondering if there?s going to be some mechanism to allow greater character diversification in stats, given that we can not manually assign our own attribute points in Diablo 3. There will be something more than just finding +10 on an item. We?ll be able to do something more to differentiate our characters from others?
    Jay Wilson: Yes. We?re stated in the past that we?re working on a new customization system. A system that?s part of your character building. Also that within the item space we?re looking for ways for more? we really prefer the single point stat customization be more item based. But we?re going to have a system to more or less replace the attribute point spending system.

    Finally, Bashiok made a very quick reply to someone who suggested that Blizzard should favor gameplay over graphics in their design process.

    It’s our companies first core value.



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