DiabloWikiBashiok returned to a thread from last week and gave quick answers to a bunch of questions about their plans for separate resource systems for each character in Diablo 3. His reply:

    It kills flexibility by removing the option of builds/gear meant for one class to be used on another class.

    Bashiok: No it doesn’t, it just means that one stat on the item might not be ideal for you. And that shouldn’t be a new concept to any Diablo player.

    You’re also assuming that resource stats have to remain separate from each other on items. There’s nothing to say we can’t, wherever resource bonuses exist, cover all of the resources at the same time.

    I’m sure you’ve seen Fireball Paladins in D2? This wouldn’t be possible if Paladins used fury instead of mana – you wouldn’t have any mana to cast a Fireball.

    Bashiok: We don’t really like the idea of a class having access to other class’ abilities and have no plans to implement it.

    Now I know I’m odd. But D2 catered to the odd as well as the average. To me, this flexibility, that allowed me to make a weird character and make it work, was a huge selling point.

    Bashiok: We still fully intend for non-ideal or off builds to be possible, and if anything is going to get in the way of that, we’d fix it.
    But separate resource systems is not in the way.

    I will eventually find an item with the resource I need and good stats – and it will only be suitable for one character class, making it useless to 80% of all classes. See how it kills flexibility?

    Bashiok: If the entirety of character customization and flexibility relies on the inclusion or absence of +resource stats then I will owe you a shiny silver dollar.

    – –

    Look, it presents some design hurdles sure, but there are plenty of solutions. I think it’s a bit early, and maybe even knee-jerk to see them as insurmountable. As I said in my previous posts, we have a lot of different solutions we can take to ensure the system works and we’ll probably use some combination of all of them.

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