Bashiok added some useful info about the Fallen in a couple of forum posts. First off, a fan asked to see some “scary” demons. Bashiok replied:

    The fallen are definitely our ‘goofiest’ demons. I sort of see them as the comedy relief of the Diablo franchise. Except you get to stab them.

    They’re small impish guys, mischievous, not very brave, little voices that talk really fast and seem to only be able to recount the names of other fallen. They’re goofy looking, sort of oddly shaped, tubby little guys running on short little legs. They’re about as far as we want to push any sort of sillyness in the game though. But for that, they’re perfect. I don’t think anyone ever took the Fallen very serious. They shouldn’t be, they’re little annoying imps.

    If we push to that extreme too much though then the game’s not taken seriously enough, and if anything this is a dark and very serious game. But, at the same time, you want some breaks. We don’t want to constantly bombard the player with the grotesque or else that too sort of loses some of its punch.

    Of course, and I’m quoting our associate producer Nathan on this, “The Overseer rolls seven popped collars deep.” So there’s still definitely some bad-assery to be had with the Fallen.

    Oh noes, not teh 7 popped collars! As for the Fallen, I thought their scariness upgrade was pretty successful. They actual look sort of menacing, in some of the concept art, and that mob of them waving clubs as they chase the Barbarian in one of the new screenshots is cool, if incredibly enticing of a Whirlwind.

    Elsewhere, a poster used some troll-flavored language to complain about the “clipping” in the new Fallen Shaman animation. It’s visible near the top of the new Fallen Bestiary page, and as the poster points out, the dagger goes right through the staff. A somewhat exasperated Bashiok explains:

    Hahah, well that just earns you a ban for so many reasons … but I’ll still address it. Why? I don’t know, it’s still a valid observation. And the outrage made me giggle.

    So yeah, you can see that clipping issue pretty well on the model close up. The shaman was given a dagger fairly recently. From my old avatar you can see the previous model (sans dagger). The dagger was added, along with some slight model tweaks and re-texturing, to give the shaman a bit more of an edge (pah dum chhhh!). Toughen him up a little. The clipping, obviously something we try to avoid at all times when animating and building the item sets and models, in this case is practically unnoticeable at game-cam distance.

    We’re not building models, textures, and environments for these types of close up shots. In these updates we grit our teeth and bear it, because it’s cool for you guys to be able to see this stuff.

    In closing, I’m more than willing to provide reasoning and discuss observations, just don’t be a jerk about it.

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