Bashiok on the Blizzcast screens

The lighting in the 2 new screenshots from the BlizzCast is noticeably different from previous shots. It’s far from the “Necromancer’s Choice” style of lighting, but it’s much less green/blue WoW-like tinting. Is this a deliberate change?

Those shots are just of different areas than what was shown at WWI, and aren’t hinting at some larger shift in lighting. They were taken with the specific intent to show off the range of theme and architecture that is occurring even within a single dungeon. Plus we tried to work in a bit more blood.

Bashiok also clarified the action in the female Witch Doctor shot. She’s using Soul Harvest on the skeletons. As for the flaming figure to the left and the bits of debris:

No those are bits of debris flying around from the Firebomb that had just exploded on the left side of the screen.
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