Bashiok touched on a few issues today, as well as sending out word that various selected fansites (including this one) will be getting some Blizzcon tickets to give away later this month. We’ll announce word on contests later. For now, here’s Bashiok’s forum activity.

    playable over dial upof the systems running Diablo 3 at Blizzcon last year?

    They were insane.

    There’s a few reasons why it doesn’t matter what those machines were though.

    Most machines are lent to us by hardware vendors. It’s in our interest to have our games look good and run well, and it’s in their interest to show off the latest and greatest their company has to offer. So generally they’re top of the line, using all the newest and best hardware.

    Because we’re working with a pre-release version we work with the hardware that’s going to be on the show floor to build a final show floor build. The game hasn’t hit (obviously) final QA and hardware compatibility testing as it would before release to the public, so we need to ensure it’s going to run smoothly on this one specific set of hardware for the show.

    It can also help, to a degree, overcome some potential technical hurdles we could run into with a pre-optimized build of the game. Throw more CPU/RAM/3D processing at it, and generally those pre-optimized problems won’t throw a wrench into the brief glimpse of a game that isn’t finished yet.

    So, the combination of having hardware vendors showing off the latest and greatest, coupled with our interest to have a unoptimized version of the game look good, leads to show floor specifications that are probably way beyond what even the final “Recommended” specs for the game would be, let alone “Required”.

    This is the general outcome anyway, it could turn out that hardware we had is EXACTLY recommended spec and I’m TOOMA here. But regardless it really wouldn’t matter at this time, and also… I’m noooot goooonna teeeeell yooooou!

    Will Diablo 3 on Battle.net be playable over dial up?

    System requirements for World of Warcraft include: “You must have an active broadband Internet connection to play.”

    I think it’s reasonable to assume that the same requirement could apply for multiplayer components of future titles. Which isn’t to say a dial-up connection wouldn’t work, but if you fall below the minimum system requirements your play experience wouldn’t be wholly supported.

    Bottom line though is that no system requirements have been announced for Diablo III, so I wouldn’t put too much thought into it just yet.

    Lastly, a fan wants to know who controlled the four characters during the WWI gameplay movie? Bashiok has previously revealed that he was “driving” the female barbarian, but how about the others?

    The other characters were played by Senior Producer Steve Parker, our Diablo III QA lead Tim Ismay and his second in command Clint Walls. Jay Wilson was acting director.

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