Bashiok, the D3 community manager, has been quiet on the forums for the past week. He made one post today, with a few encouraging words about stereo 3D in D3. (Incidentally, Bashiok made a short reply is not an audio feature, despite what the name might lead you to believe.)

    The nVidia 3D Vision products don’t (I believe) take any development support on the game’s end to make it work. There are some specific system requirements for it to work (120hz monitor, newer geforce) but if I could guess I’d say Diablo III will probably work with it out of the box.

    In fact one of our programmers had the whole thing hooked up and running a few weeks ago. I didn’t make it over to check it out though. I am curious to see how it would impact a fixed camera/isometric view, if at all.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok made a short reply to a long and rambling “things I want in D3” type of post:

    DiabloWikiPlayer vs Player is definitely a part of the game. It’s not something we’re waiting on, it’s been a part of development since the beginning. We’re just not talking about it yet.




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