A fan posted a common request; that Blizzard implement some sort of confirmation upon socketing in Diablo III, so we won’t continue the equivalent of accidentally dropping rare runes and jewels into socketed crap we’re waiting to mule. (Back in v1.09 I stuck a Gul into a Griswold’s Heart; I think my scream is still echoing in some distant cave.) Bashiok says that’s probably not going to happen, but adds some more value with several replies.

    Well, a confirmation, I can’t be too sure of. We’re probably not going to be dealing with items that are anywhere near as astronomically rare as some of the Diablo II runes, and I think it’s probably fairly likely that you’ll be able to overwrite what’s in a socket just by placing a new gem over the old one (destroying it in the process). So, you can still screw up, true, but it probably won’t be nearly as devastating – and fixing a mistake should be pretty easy.

    A confirmation is a possibility when the stakes of placing the items become too costly to get wrong.

    I was guessing the gems were only for the DiabloWikiTalisman for character customization.

    Bashiok. The WHAT? I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just making up words now? Tellersmens? I can’t even comprehend what that is. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here! You make up words for your own amusement? HUH?


    You’re overreacting. Bashiok was simply talking about the astronimical chances of a rune like Zod dropping for you. For example, Hephasto has a of 0.00000651% chance of dropping a Zod. On the other hand, killing Baal with 200% MF gives you a 0.015% chance of getting a Stone of Jordan. See the difference?

    Bashiok: Also, if I recall correctly, some of those drop chances are so insane because they were created with a design idea that they would be near “one per server”. The major issue with that is the number of people playing has decreased pretty substantially since the game first launched, so those items don’t see (legitimate) circulation nearly as much as they were intended.

    Aside from that though, I believe the chance of something happening will only keep you trying for so long. The reason why it’s fun to keep playing is for the items that do actually drop, not the ones that don’t.

    Bashiok’s odd humor of pretending not to know what the DiabloWikiTalisman is/was aside, I vote for a socketing confirmation. A full time player’s “not so astronomically rare” is a more occasional player’s “once in a lifetime find.” Just make a check box to keep displaying the socketing warning or not, especially if there’s a “replace socketed rune/gem and destroy it forever” option as Bashiok suggests there may be. If a player doesn’t want to be bothered with the pop up warning, they can turn it off and take their chances.

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