Just one Bashiok reply today, in which he pretty well puts to rest the idea of skill synergies returning in Diablo III.

    Are synergies dead, or am I making assumptions that they won’t be included because of the new prerequisites system?

    I desperately hope they are nowhere near the drawing board. They messed D2 up so bad it’s not even funny. Compared to 1.08 and 1.09, the PvP is barely even playable, and everyone is the same build these days. You already know whether you’ve won or lost before you even fight, so most people don’t even bother.

    I feel sorry for anyone who never got a chance to play at least 1.09 on closed BNet – a time when PvP lasted more than 0.5 seconds and you never knew what your opponent might throw at you. Those were some really fun times – fun times I hope to see resurrected in D3!

    If anyone has a link to anything tangible on this I’d be grateful if you pointed me toward it.

    Bashiok: Synergies aren’t being planned for nor are they expected.

    It’s sort of a funny question, because broken down you’re essentially asking “Are the skill trees in Diablo III going to be boring and require incentive to spend points in skills no one wants?”

    Ideally the answer to that is no.
    There are some other things going on too that make sure synergies even less of a necessity. Clear separation of active and passive skills, respecs, … and MORE! [/blue]

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