Bashiok has made only a few posts since early last week, and the ones he’s made have been quite brief. He continued that streak today, but this reply, to a long complaint about the Barbarian’s Whirlwind skill, contains some useful info.

    I feel that the barbarian whirlwind skill looks too simple, the barb spins with white vortex twirling around him. I think it should be given a make-over rather than to follow D2’s WW.

    In the D3 trailer, it feels like the barb is floating and doing a sort of gentle ballet spin. That is not what a seasoned warrior should be doing. It should be given a rough edge, the barbarian should SPIN like crazy. Massive winds and vortex should build up as the WW gets stronger. When it gets too strong the barbarian spins out of control and slams at a random direction at a random target/building.

    Bashiok: …and then when you put a rune on it…

    In longer words, if skills look awesomely glorious right from the start, there’s nowhere to go when they are upgraded with higher levels and/or skill runes. It’s a nice concept, coming after D2 where there was no way to upgrade skills but by putting more points into them, and where virtually every skill looks just the same at level 1 as level 20. Or 40.

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