Someone, who must be new, posted on the B.net forums that IGN’s selection of D3 screenshots included a bunch that aren’t displayed on the official D3 site. Bashiok replied:

    It’s pretty common for us to provide some amount of screenshots and/or concept art to be given to sites as exclusives. The ones you’re seeing are likely general press exclusives from the announcement at WWI.

    I doubt this is news to anyone who has already found their way to this site, but as Bashiok said, Blizzard’s official sites are not encyclopedias and archives, especially not pre-release. They are showcases full of bells and whistles, designed to entice new fans. There is a fair amount of info presented, but official sites are not intended to be exhaustive sources of info. New screenshots are released on press cds and directly to gaming and fansites, and while some of those images might show up on the official site, most will not. The official sites don’t post links to all of the D3 team interviews or archive “Blue” forum posts, don’t compile the info, etc. That’s what fansites are for.

    Our D3 wiki has far more info than is found on the official d3 site, and our gallery has every screenshot and piece of d3 art yet released; hundreds more than you’ll find on the official site (and far more than on IGN or Gamespy or other general gaming sites, plus we don’t reduce the image size or slap on giant ugly watermarks).  The same is true of other upcoming Blizzard titles: Starcraft2, for instance.

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