DiabloWikiBashiok tapped in on a couple of issues on Friday.

    A fan asked why Runewords have been ruled out of D3. Bashiok’s reply:

    I don’t think anyone said they wouldn’t. (but they probably won’t)

    The same type of item customization could come in a million different forms. But who’s to say we won’t have something, or multiple things, that are even better!?


    Actually, D3 Lead Designer DiabloWikiJay Wilson said they wouldn’t be returning, and his reasoning was in line with Bashiok’s comment here. Check the DiabloWikiRunewords page in the wiki for Jay’s quote.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok got a little fiesty when questioned about the D2 economy.

    The economies in your game Diablo LoD vary directly as a result of your boasting a new patch/ladder reset.

    You recklessly announced a possible April release and so the economy on ladder diminished greatly. why did you tell us it was a possibility to be playing in April when the latest updates reveal that your indeed weeks if not months away from a release? I expected better judgment from Blizzard

    Bashiok: I think it was a legitimate question, but I think I just realized what the issue is.

    Reset announced, demand for ladder items drops, prices come down, items sell for less. Am I on mark here? If that’s the case, then I’m perfectly satisfied with our announcement.[/blue]

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