I’ll just quote this one, since it speaks for itself.  The white text is what the fan asked; the blue is Bashiok’s reply.

    Something about this skill seems pretty…lame. He throws out a bunch of frogs around and if something steps on them they take poisen damage….ehh?

    It feels too biblical and non-threatening, I mean he’s throwing frogs! You could throw a handful of frogs at a child and I bet they wouldn’t be scared (I think they would be more afraid of the fact that a stranger is approaching them and throwing frogs)

    I think animals can work but not frogs. An example is the skill Fire-bats, seems like an awesome skill: a swarm of flaming magic bats is some scary stuff.

    Please alter this skill to up the threat factor! At least give the frogs knives or something…….

    Bashiok: Don’t put points into it.

    Obviously every skill can’t please every fan, but no, we’re not giving the toads knives. Nor lasers, Dr. Evil. As for DiabloWikiPlague of Toads, it might sound wacky, but this was just about the coolest skill in the entire Blizzcon demo last year. The function was fun, but mostly it was the graphics and sound effects, which were quite realistic for um… suicidal, attack frogs.

    The spell works like Charged Bolt.The WD throws out several toads, which hop in the general direction you cast them, spreading out a bit as they move. They have some rudimentary homing instinct; if there’s a target just to one side they’ll detour into it, but they’re not exactly Guided Arrows. They don’t last that long either; they’ll burst after covering maybe half the screen, if they don’t find something to suicide against before then. Plus when they die they leave a puddle of liquid poison that deals damage to enemies who walk through it.  I had a great time chain casting this one, getting up to 40 or 50 toads at once, so half the screen was literally solid green hopping amphibians.

    I don’t know if it’s meant to be a powerful skill that we’ll see level 95 Witch Doctors using, but for a low level attack spell this one was great fun, and quite effective.

    Update: Bashiok returned to this thread and made numerous additional comments. So many that we made a new post to host them.

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