Bashiok posted in one thread in the b.net forums today, and oddly enough, it’s on a thread we posted, advertising our network/site meet-up event at the Rainforest Cafe on the Thursday night before BlizzCon. If you’re like me and you’ve never before heard of the Rainforest Cafe, it sounds like an um… interesting… experience, from Bashiok’s description.

    I … find some guilty pleasure in going to the Rainforest Cafe, the couple times I’ve gone for a nephews birthday or something. Every half hour or so there’s a “tropical thunderstorm” in the restaurant, it’s loud, all of the animatronic animals get riled up… and without fail just about every kid in the place starts bawling. And it makes me giggle.

    Someone tried so hard to create something to entertain children, so much money spent in setting it all up and maintaining it, and all that work is essentially a waking nightmare for them. It’s hilarious in its irony.

    Apparently it’s a place for kids, which is odd because the entire idea of the restaurant usually scares the crap out of them, and your meals/drinks are essentially paying for the “experience” so it’s a bit pricier than a normal restaurant.

    Check out the rest of the thread for some lulz, as various aspiring forum Nazis complain about the thread being crossposted in Diablo, WoW, and SC forums. (I didn’t post it, but since we’ve got fansites for all 3 games, and will have admins from all 3 fansites there, a post in each forum seems fairly reasonable.) Cause you know, one thread being posted in more than one forum is by far the biggest problem with the b.net forums on any given day.

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