Bashiok has returned from the AGDC and leapt right back into the forum stuff that devours much of his professional life. Besides his post about D3 and DX9, here’s what he had to say about SC2 vs. D3.

    I think it depends on where you look but StarCraft II (being the more immediately releasing game) is slightly ahead of Diablo III as far as community mind-share from most of the larger tracking sources.

    Elsewhere, someone asked about one of the more popular topics of discussion in our forums since this info was revealed at Blizzcon. Blizzard’s plans for the Monk’s and Wizard’s mana resource. Bashiok clarified, without edifying.

    We’ve stated that only the Witch Doctor is planned to use mana at this point in time, if that clarifies anything for you. As to what the Wizard and Monk may use, we’ve not said.

    That quick reply created more questions than it answered, and Bashiok was forced to check back in later with a much longer reply to help out the always-baffled, game-content-unaware, Battle.net readers.

    I don’t understand how the Wizard should have something else than mana. I mean, it’s logic that magic users use mana and the wizard is the class that ressemble the most of a classic mage as we know it.

    Bashiok: I think when we unveil the resource system the Wizard uses it will actually make a lot of sense.

    I agree with this, and I don’t really understand why every class has to have their own individual “energy” type. Besides trying to implement more differences between classes.

    Bashiok: They don’t HAVE to of course, but it definitely makes playing each class a lot more unique and interesting when your skills are not only flavored or tailored to your class but your ability to use them is also specifically flavored and tailored to your class.

    The barbarian fury system works off of the idea that as he gets more into the battle, doing and taking more damage, he builds up this power which lets him unleash more damage. That idea is ingrained in the way he plays and the way his skills look and work. And the visual style of the resource system itself, of the three fury orbs, is sort of a molten lava. Which again plays into his very physical earth-shattering flavored skills.

    The other class’ resource systems play very much into what each class is, their flavor and kit, and individual style in approaching combat.

    Since each class will most likely have their own resource system how will item modifiers work without an item only being valuable for one class? Such as a caster armor that the wizard and witch doctor could make use of.

    Bashiok: That’s a good question, and something we don’t have any specific solutions decided on yet. It will likely be a combination of approaches to ensure that resource stats stay meaningful, without making the majority of items you find potentially worthless. – Sort of a half answer but it’s the best I can do without specifics that relate to systems we haven’t talked about yet.

    I also wanted to point out the cinematics portion of the post MD earlier highlighted on the DX9 issue. In that one Bashiok again addressed a common misconception about the the Wizard and Monk “cinematics.” Those were not true cinematics produced by the Blizzard cinematic team, as the one featuring Leah that was released at last year’s WWI. The Monk and Wizard introduction movies were created with in-game tools, in a fashion similar to those Red vs. Blue Halo films, or the various cool WoW movies. Bashiok said:

    I think you’re confusing in-game ‘machinima’-style videos with pre-rendered cinematics. The Monk and Wizard announcement videos were made using in-game assets, models, and animations. Mostly shot using camera views and close-ups that the game was never designed for. The WWI announcement cinematic is obviously of a different quality. But the fact that they’re even confused for one another is a big compliment for the team that creates the in-game promotional videos. They do an incredible job.

    But yes, the game will include pre-rendered cinematics. And obviously they will be amazing.

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