DiabloWikiBashiok hopped onto a few forum threads today.

    A good question about the DiabloWikiWizard:

    The one thing i remember about the sorc ..pregear.. in D2, was the shortage of mana you almost always had.

    Of course, you had mana potions to help with it, but it always seemed like you were just aching for the next mana potion to drop so you could grab it and use it.

    I can see a very similar trend in D3 with mana orbs.

    So why not give the sorc a spell that gives back mana. In the sorc vid, you can see she has a melee attack [WIKI]Spectral Blade[/WIKI], that looks like blueish green claws (or something). This melee attack requires the sorc be close to an enemy, and could easily be given the effect, “generates ‘x’ mana” for each hit. Kind of like a mana leech.

    I feel like this would allow the sorc to be more versatile. Who knows…maybe that skill already has that effect. If it does great. If not, i think it should be considered.

    Bashiok: Obviously it’s just too early to say the wizard does or does not have mana issues, that all comes down to balancing and fine tuning, and ideally of course the goal is that each class is very playable and not frustrating. Especially at early levels.

    Mana orbs are actually the product of a passive skill in the wizard’s arcane tree. Since we can’t guarantee people will get that skill I don’t think it can ever really become the deciding factor in mana regen. It is an early skill in that tree though, easy to pick up, and sure to be helpful.

    The issue of mana regeneration was something I stressed in my Wizard write up after Blizzcon. Playing alone in a multiplayer game I was constantly out of mana and found myself forced to retreat while casting spells the instant enough regenerated to fight with. There were no mana globes dropping in the Blizzcon build (Mana Recovery was a level 10 spell, and like all spells of that level, was impossible to use at Blizzcon) and I wanted them, or at least the ability to put my attribute points into a stat that would have added mana. However, as Bashiok says, it’s way too early in the balancing process to say if mana regen is too slow, too fast, or goldilocks.


    A long question with a curious title (“not” does not mean the same thing as “naught”) about wasted development resources leading to cheating and hacking yields a pithy reply from Bashiok:

    Diablo III is not being developed in the late 90’s.


    A question about cooperative play suggests an odd party-boosting game mechanism that’s not entirely to Bashiok’s liking, though he sympathizes with the concept:

    As monsters become more powerful as players join the game, players themselves should be more powerful by working together.

    +1 Skills to All per person in your group. Since there is a max of 4 people(?) per game, this will give you +3 Skills to All. Bonus only works if you’re near your party.

    Its an incentive for people to want to play and work as a group.

    I’m not sure that’s the right way to go about it, but the cooperative game definitely centers on keeping players together. Encouraging them to stay near each other, and helping them get back together should they be separated. There are many ways to do both, not all of them are the right answer.

    What level were the characters in the gameplay trailers?

    It’s kind of irrelevant what level they were as the trailers were essentially staged performances. Not that they weren’t indicative of actual gameplay, but we weren’t leveling up actual characters, picking up actual dropped gear, etc.

    The BlizzCon playable demo, where people could wait in line then actually play the game, for that people started at I believe level 5.

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