A fan posted some anti-DiabloWikiMagic Find comments in the forums, drawing a semi-defense from DiabloWikiBashiok:

    I think the trick with magic find, or any sort of tertiary stat that doesn’t directly relate to player power, is to make sure that it’s an actual trade off. A lot of times and specifically for certain classes in Diablo II you could stack magic find and still be perfectly able to fight and kill. So what it really comes down to is properly weighting stats on items and ensuring that if you do want to stack something like magic find, that it’s clearly going to limit your power in downing enemies. Auto-stats to a degree also help out in this regard as you can’t effectively stack stats as easily to offset the loss of stats coming from items that might otherwise help keep you alive or kill at an acceptable pace.

    That said magic find isn’t fully drawn up yet, there’s not a complete pool of itemization where we can begin tweaking balance to a degree where we can ensure MF doesn’t get out of hand. It could turn out that we need to take an alternate approach, but, if I had to guess simply weighting the stat properly would be enough.

    As Bashiok said, more types of item bonuses will be required to survive in D3. Mages won’t just be able to load up on MF and cruise through the game, as they can in D2. It won’t be possible to put every stat point into vitality, all types of resistances will (hopefully) be required, and more fundamentally, D3 spell-casters need +spell damage from mods to succeed at higher levels.  Playing at Blizzcon earlier this year, my DiabloWikiWizard and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor characters had achieved +100% Spell Damage from various items by level 15, and the improvement to my listed damage was obvious. Imagine how much of that modifier a level 90 Wizard will want? And if +Spell Damage and +Magic Find hardly ever occur on the same item, (as was the case with +%damage and +MF in D2) you’ve got a fairly neat fix to unbalanced MF right there.

    You can read much more on this issue in the wiki.

    Those facts established, what do you guys think about MF? Do you think Blizzard can balance it to be a cool bonus that doesn’t unbalance things, or greatly favor one play style or build? Did you like it in D2, and want it back in D3?

    One thing Blizzard hasn’t yet publicly addressed is the issue of leeches. What’s to stop a player from loading up on MF and just tagging along? Since every character gets their own drops in D3, it will be possible to stay out of harms way while still getting items from every boss. Perhaps MF should only be factored into the drop for characters who are actively participate; dealing some minimum % of damage?

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