Today DiabloWikiBashiok fielded a few questions on how lore and story will be presented in Diablo 3.

    How will lore be handled and presented in Diablo 3?

    Bashiok: What an open ended question… well, a lot of different ways. For one your character will be able to speak, and that’s pretty huge actually for storytelling purposes. Also we have the ‘audio book’ system, that was shown off at BlizzCon in limited form (see next answer). Aside from that, all the usual stuff but in greater quantity. NPC speech, dialogue, events, bosses, quests, etc. etc. There’s a lot more going on.

    Will there be individual items scattered around the game world that can be read or listened to for back story, or will it be in one consolidated location?

    Bashiok:Yes there are books that drop somewhat randomly that when picked up can be listened to. I say somewhat randomly because they should make sense contextually. Leoric’s Journal should be dropping in the same dungeon where you fight his undead corpse, and not somewhere else that doesn’t make sense. They’re fully voice acted lore treasures essentially. Think Bioshock tapes.

    Considering Diablo 3 is a fast-paced game, how much lore is the Blizzard team planning to put in? Will we get a detailed recounting of past events, or a surface recollection?

    Bashiok: A lot. Well, as much as we can. But we’re making sure it’s all as “opt-in” as possible. Meaning, if you don’t care, if you want to skip quest dialogue, don’t care what’s going on, and want to just get to the killing, then that’s possible. If you want to slow down and really explore the story, you can do that too. So we’re not forcing you to sit through anything.

    How much new lore is being slated to present with the game’s release?


    Will the game be incorporating information from the books? (So you know, I have not personally read them, but I intend to.)

    :Bashiok: I’m aware of some, yes. But you won’t have to have read them to enjoy the game.

    How much of the game’s lore (old & new) will be mixed in with the story events and quests that take place?
    Bashiok: I actually can’t think of a way to answer that. Rephrase/elaborate?

    On a related topic, someone asked if Blizzard had finished judging their fan fiction contest. Bashiok said.. not so much.

    We got something like 1,800 entries. I think it might take a while.

    This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to post.

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