Bashiok was asked about the maximum level cap, and he restated something that’s been said before.

    The first and last thing said on it was in an interview with Jay at WWI when we first announced, and paraphrasing that: we will probably keep it about the same, level 99, but it always seemed like an arbitrary number to stop at so we may up it to 100.

    I believe Jay in another interview hinted at possible increases with expansions, but maybe I’m confusing that with every WoW Xpack.

    In another post, Bashiok talked about the inventory system and the concept of using item weight.

    A weight system is simply a different approach to inventory restrictions, and it’s actually fairly similar to a grid based system except that weight systems are generally augmented by a character stat instead of being item based upgrades.

    The main issue with these systems as they relate to Diablo III is they add an additional value to items. That secondary value works to complicate and thus slow down the inventory management of a player, drawing their attention away from the action, which is of course the main focus for us with Diablo III.

    I’ve played a few RPGs with weight systems, and they’re among my favorite games of all time, but it’s a case of choosing which systems works best for each game.

    Someone asked if they might be making things too simple and streamlined, and thus too shallow. Bashiok thinks not.

    Well there’s still the depth and complexity of item/stat utilization, building out your character, exploration, increased emphasis on story and lore, etc. but aside from those sort of obvious points, no I’m not worried. There are some big things we haven’t revealed yet.

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