A fan points to a YouTube clip from the Wizard introductory gameplay movie, and the fact that the skeletons in it can be heard laughing. Not just the DiabloWikiSkeleton King‘s “Who brings the warmth of life into my tomb!” roaring mockery, but the evil little “heh heh heh” sounds that the regular skeletons utter. Bashiok replies with… a link to content!

    From the writings of Abd al-Hazir:

      “Furthermore, I have come to believe that a DiabloWikiskeleton‘s intelligence is limited by the power and scope of the spell used in the creature’s creation. Theoretically one could have a single astute skeleton servant or a rather dense army of a hundred for the same expenditure of magical energy. I am at a loss to explain the average skeleton’s somewhat ludicrous mental predisposition, however. Perhaps the implausibility of its own existence makes the skeleton think it hilarious to hide in a barrel, cackling intermittently for some three hundred years until a victim happens by?”

    And yes, it’s completely necessary and awesome that they laugh the way they do. We enjoy it intensely.

    The laughter is audible all through this clip, but especially at the :34 second mark. The question of how a skeleton laughs, when it clearly possesses neither tongue, lips, nor the ability to draw or exhale breath, is best not contemplated at length.

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