A fan makes a common request: some better item pick up features in the game, and gets a hopeful, “wait and see,” type of reply from Bashiok.

    Inventory management and the systems that surround it are something we’re obviously interested in, but not something that can really be tuned until we have more of the item game fleshed out and tuned itself. It’s hard to know exactly the best way to handle inventory management when the items, types, pickup frequency, and removal frequency can’t really be measured with any real accuracy.

    Gold is picked up automagically, and it’s because it’s one of those things that you always want to pick up. You’d never not pick up gold, unless you’re playing Diablo II maybe. PAH-ZING! If there are other item types we feel fall into that category they may be automatically picked up when you walk over them too.

    We want inventory management to include player choice and interaction, and so while we’re definitely not opposed to new ideas and while we’re certainly drawing inspiration from many places, we want to maintain that inventory management doesn’t become an automated process.

    I prefer the way Titan Quest handled it, especially after their Immortal Throne expansion came out. The labels on drops would not display unless you pressed a hot key, and you couldn’t pick an item up unless the label displayed (this was to save you the aggravation of accidentally picking things up when all you’re trying to do is move).

    Bashiok: This is a feature in Diablo II, and will likely return in some form in Diablo III. Type /nopickup into chat. Items won’t be picked up unless you hold down Alt.

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