Bashiok made some conversation in the Battle.net forums today, including this confusing joke about levels 1-200, and this YouTube link joke/no-comment about a Bestiary update tomorrow. This post, in which Bashiok jokes about item display colors, comes the closest to actual game content:

    Bashiok: We’re testing an item color scheme right now where every item type is a different shade of purple.

    It’s working pretty well.

    Hahaha, you know you’re literally driving some of these people insane!

    Bashiok: Mission accomplished.

    Of more pertinent interest, Bashiok has pointed us to this official forum thread with a compilation of every ongoing fansite Blizzcon ticket giveaway. There are lots, mostly on Starcraft and WoW sites, for now.Our contest for 3 Blizzcon tickets will get underway shortly; I’ve been out of town this week without much time to organize things.

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