Bashiok on Item Colors and Blizzcon Tickets

Bashiok made some conversation in the forums today, including this confusing joke about levels 1-200, and this YouTube link joke/no-comment about a Bestiary update tomorrow. This post, in which Bashiok jokes about item display colors, comes the closest to actual game content:

Bashiok: We’re testing an item color scheme right now where every item type is a different shade of purple.

It’s working pretty well.

Hahaha, you know you’re literally driving some of these people insane!

Bashiok: Mission accomplished.

Of more pertinent interest, Bashiok has pointed us to this official forum thread with a compilation of every ongoing fansite Blizzcon ticket giveaway. There are lots, mostly on Starcraft and WoW sites, for now.Our contest for 3 Blizzcon tickets will get underway shortly; I’ve been out of town this week without much time to organize things.

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1 thought on “Bashiok on Item Colors and Blizzcon Tickets

  1. Krugar what Bashiok was saying to my knowledge is that it wasn’t gonna be like in D2 (The topic it was posted in was one about runes and socketing as you know runes have nothing to do with items now).
    TQ has some great ideas when it comes to socketing/unsocketing items.
    BrotherRatcliff you can buy back/sell item for no extra cost if you sell an item by mistake in TQ (at lest while shop window is open) unlike diablo where you lose a fair amount of gold.

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