Bashiok was active again Friday on the B.net forums, but it was mostly chatty chat and non-D3 stuff. Sadly, aside from my (and the PCG) belated Blizzcon reports, we’re deep in a Diablo drought, which makes this stuff worth a news post. (Barely.) Yesterday Bashiok joked about D3 requiring 3400 floppy disks to install, and I joked that someone should do the math and actively complain about the disk size of the game. I said joked!

    If you multiply 1.44 Megabytes (the space in a floppy disk) by 3400, you get 4.9 or about 5 Gigabytes. Perhaps Bashiok is hinting at how large the game will be? If so, could this mean the content level is not a big jump from D2? Most RPGs nowadays are around 15-20 gigs, so hopefully this is just a random number that Bash threw out there. Discuss.

    Actually, LS-120 disks could hold around 120MB and, although they required a special drive to do so, were otherwise normal 3.5” floppies. The drives could read either one. I managed to convince a few people how awesome they were back when I worked at CompUSA as they reached for zip drives, but it was right as CD’s were gaining ground, so it was a short lived advantage. But the lesson here is that I made the number up.

    And another one:

    Remind me how many disks were included with Diablo 2 in order to install the game? I’ve lost count of how many disks WoW has.. I ain’t no tree hugger.. But an apocalypse in 2012 will be highly likely if Diablo 3 comes with more than one installation disk!

    Zero. Digital download ftw. Why is there a second thread about this?

    Honestly. If you made up a list of your top 100 worries about D3… would the number of DVDs it ships on make the cut? I’m baffled that someone would take the time to make a forum post lamenting the fact that they might have to spend 5 seconds switching DVDs during an install process they’ve been eagerly awaiting for 10 years. That’s like complaining about the zipper on the jeans you wore to lose your virginity with the hottest girl/guy in the world. Priorities, people…

    If you so desire, click through for further Bashiok anecdotes about his former career in computer store retail.


    This sounds like a morally questionable activity, Bashiok. I am a little concerned.

    Hah, I suppose it might.

    It was in situations where someone would ask “Where can I find floppy drives?” and I’d say “Over here, but if you get the LS-120 drive, it’s only $10 or so more, can read and write to all your current floppies, and if you buy some LS-120 disks they can store 120MB.”

    One of the reasons I quit that job was because as a PC sales person you were expected to ‘hat-trick’ customers, which was selling a system, a warranty, and a few select accessories by specific brand names. And there was some sort of commission based on it. And I did actually do it once, and that was the last time.

    I realize that’s business, but I’d always end up telling people “You don’t need this junk, if you actually need a cable or power strip then buy these, they work just as well.” I couldn’t make those bonuses without being dishonest with what I knew was the truth. Some people enjoyed that about the job, and some people just didn’t care. I couldn’t stomach it.

    It’s largely irrelevant now that most of their crappy stores are closed, but back in the day I always enjoyed pronouncing it like, “Com-pu-sa.” More relevantly, Bashiok’s cool story (brah) is amusing in that it’s exactly the opposite of what he’s supposed to do now that he works in PR.

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