A fan asked if the Witch Doctor skill Horrify will work in DiabloWikiPvP. (Note that Terror, Grim Ward, and “hit causes target to flee” do not work in D2’s PvP.) DiabloWikiBashiok gives the official answer to all D3 PvP questions:

    No reason to stifle or potentially redirect discussion with my own musings on a question that essentially comes down to balance; which isn’t something we would comment on until a point where the balancing these things makes sense. There are many ideas and many solutions that could potentially work. Enjoy.

    A fan asks ‘what’s with the holdup on the male wizard, and after a few sarcastic replies, Bashiok links to the one screenshot of a male wizard (check the comments for some debate about the Wizard’s gender), and then makes a brief statement about the personality of the male/female wizards in D3.

    They both have leaned back/chin up postures. Very snooty. Full of themselves. Kind of waving on some of their spells as if it were as easy as shooing away a fly.

    I’m not sure what more people are awaiting, re: the male wizard? There’s concept art, one, two, three, four wallpapers, fan art, a screenshot, and the lore is more or less identical for the M/F wizards. You guys want his blood type and horoscope, or what?

    Another reader asked for some clarification on D3’s (planned) item drop system. Bashiok obliged, answering several questions on the issue:

    Bashiok: Yeah, drops for everything, bosses, normal enemies, chests, etc. all drop items per player. If you see an item drop, it’s for you. If you pick up an item and don’t want it, when you drop it then everyone else can see it.

    There are some questions the drop system raises of course about griefing or contribution, but those are really issues that are best and maybe even easier addressed when a more complete view of a final game comes into focus.

    Can everyone see when orbs drop or are they player-specific too?  I do like the new drop system. This question had come up before at diii.net is all.

    Bashiok: DiabloWikiHealth globes drop the same for everyone. I’m guessing mainly because snagging one heals your entire party. It would be kind of confusing if they weren’t.

    Have you considered possibly setting up a hotkey+click to instantly redrop items for everyone to see? That might remove the hassle of having to ask everyone if they need it, or picking up and then dropping everything of moderate worth – things that might be useful to others but aren’t quite worth stopping the flow of action to discuss or mess with at all. You could just alt+click it or something and it’d fly back up into the air and drop where everyone can see it.

    Bashiok: Yeah, the good old “pass on roll” type situation. Again, things probably to consider at more of a tightening/refinement stage.

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