DiabloWikiBashiok made a quick reply about Health Orbs, and a longer one about D3’s PvP in the Battle.net forums today.

    On Health Orbs, a poster asked if the orbs could heal party members even if the character who grabbed it was at full health already. And received some good news in reply:

    That’s how it works!

    We’re also playing around with some alternate functionality for when/how they’re picked up while you’re at full health, as well as some visual tweaks. Regardless we’re going to make sure it’s as fun and balanced as possible.

    As for PvP, some commenters brought up some of Jay Wilson’s comments from Leipzig, in which he said that they had big plans to improve on PvP in D3, but that a return of the in-game hostility option was not among them. The initial poster agreed with that change, but these are the b.net forums we’re talking about here, so you know angry, Blizzard-slamming comments were just around the corner. Amidst the slavering cries of “only losers play WoW,” and “Care Bear D3!” Bashiok pointed out the fairly obvious issue with enabling PvP: only the people who can duel or want to gank are going to turn it on.
    When/Why would you choose to enable PvP in your game if it was an option? Would it be before you were max or near-max level, or twinked?

    If not then you’re essentially looking for a dueling game, and wouldn’t a dedicated PvP focus provide a more logical option than a blanket PvP-on/PvP-off option which no one would enable until they were powerful enough to defend themselves?

    A rebuttal is offered, earning another reply from Bashiok:
    [INDENT]“One would choose to enable PvP for the rush of not only having to defend against scary monsters lurking around corners but defend against scary players lurking around corners”[/INDENT]

    Would they? Players don’t generally opt-in to situations they don’t think they have a chance to win.

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