Some players pointed out apparently darker elements in the latest screenshots, and were curious about the scars on the Barbarian. New build making graphical changes? Not so much, says Bashiok.

    All of the screenshots being posted were taken pre-announcement, the same time the video was shot. So no, there isn’t any difference. There are darker parts, and lighter parts, and while there are certain to be lighting tweaks as we go it isn’t expected to change dramatically.

    …Those are actually fading crit blood sprays. When you get a crit death on a monster (that isn’t an elemental crit death) it sprays the hero with blood (decals) and those then slowly fade over time. The screenshot shows them pretty much faded all the way out which gave them the appearance of scars. Maybe we can get some screenshots out that show the blood sprays a bit more effectively.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok replies at length to a rambling complaint(?) by a fan who is “distrubed” that D3 isn’t going to be as fun as D1 and D2 were, since what was fun in them was usually due to a bug or something being overpowered.

    Hrmmm, I was really confused at first but I think you make a very valid point. However, game development and design just doesn’t tend to work the same as it used to, and I’m not talking about Blizzard games, but just in general.

    The days of design-by-luck are by no means gone, but far less accepting are players of flaws as valid rules. It requires a more methodical and player-serving approach. I actually think it may have to do somewhat with the increase in expectations of customer service and consumer rights… possibly the ever-shrinking attention span, regardless though, players have higher expectations from their games, and systems/rules that may have worked or were at least accepted as part of the game even a few years ago rarely fly these days. It’s not the same market, and you’re not applying to the same small group of core gamers anymore. Aside from that I don’t think most still enjoy the masochistic, obscure, and often overly-complex or undefined game design of yore. Nostalgia blinds though.

    Anyway… I don’t know, I’m just a player myself, but I think I get where you’re coming from and the best we can do is play games and enjoy ourselves. Maybe more than we ever have before, but nostalgia is such a powerful lie it makes it difficult to properly weigh the experiences.

    I’m reading a bit between the lines of your posts though I think, and getting way too far from discussing health regeneration in Diablo games.

    I know at this point I probably can’t really allay your concerns in this specific case until you try it out, except to say that I believe you’re wrong in regards to health globes. The overuse of potions was a path of least resistance, and I don’t feel removing it detracts anything from the game except to say that it’s something that was in a previous title in the series.

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