A fan cut out the gory and gruesome decorations in a number of Diablo 3 screenshots, compiled them into one big image, and posted it as evidence that Diablo 3 would indeed be a bloody game, as D1 and D2 were. (This isn’t news to anyone who played D3 at Blizzcon last year. See the DiabloWikiHorror page in the wiki for a lengthy comment on this aspect of the game, from a fan who went into Blizzcon with some concerns about how it would be handled.) Bashiok is pro-gruesome.

    Heh, if people think there isn’t enough gore… you ain’t seen nothing yet. This is Sanctuary. Demons and evil cults still really like torture and putting bodies on pikes.

    Elsewhere, someone asked about some variation in the coloration of the Fallen Hounds. Bashiok replied succinctly:

    There are generally multiple variations within a species.

    How about a quick update on D2X v1.13 patch progress? Any details to share, Bashiok?

    Not really. Work on the patch was put on hold for a while due to higher priority issues, but it commences, and it is nearing.

    Another fan wants more new stuffs, and asks if Blizzard will be revealing the fourth class at Blizzcon this year. Bashiok equivocates, gets called on it, and turns his PR-speak into an art form.

    The mere occurrence of an event such as BlizzCon doesn’t truly dictate what will or will not be shown. We obviously want to put on a good show, and entertain those in attendance as well as reveal new information about our titles currently in development, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the information we reveal will include a class announcement.

    That was a great way off typing something, and saying absolutely nothing.

    Bashiok: That’s why I get paid the big bucks.

    Lots of words to say nothing really, and diplomatically lower expectations at the same time. Well done.


    I don’t really understand Blizzard’s approach to publicity and announcements these days. For instance, they never confirmed that D3 would be playable at Blizzcon last year. The first actual confirmation about that came from the goodie bag, which included a map of the floor, with one playing area labeled “Diablo III.”  Likewise, (as best I remember) the first confirmation of a third character came in some other info in the goodie bag, which listed one of the presentations as focused on the 3rd character. Now obviously Blizzard knew they’d have playable D3 at the show months in advance. They had to set up literally thousands of computers, design the signs and banners, map out the show floor, plan events for attendees, organize the panels, etc. So why didn’t they ever announce it, if only to whet our interest for cool stuff at an already sold out show? It’s like they’re taking their painfully-arrived-at “when it’s done” approach to game release dates and over applying it to everything else.

    I have no inside info on this topic, but I’ll boldly predict, with 99% certainty, that we’ll see the 4th character revealed at Blizzcon. Which will it be? Now that’s the real question, isn’t it?

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