A fan asked a fairly straight-forward question about shared drops and gold. Bashiok gave it an appropriate answer:

    I know when items drop, only “you” will see them. Does the same hold true for gold?

    Bashiok: Yup, gold is also an item drop.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok gave a very long, comedic, point by point, semi-rebuttal to an incoherent rant about D3 being too much like WoW, because it (D3) doesn’t have PvP or Magic Find (both of which D3 will have). Click through to read it, ‘cause it goes on and on and is blissfully free of game info.

    Bashiok: I’m going to assume this is a troll because it makes no sense. It’s a nice day out, I have a tasty lunch, and because of that I am going to have some fun. Don’t hold it against me fellas.

    Hello, I am Bluerevolution.

    Bashiok: Hi.

    A Very Very known PvP dueler on Useast.

    Bashiok: Never heard of you.

    I have been playing the Diablo series sense Diablo1, And i see the things you are makeing for Diablo3 and it makes me very concerned.

    Bashiok: Lay it on me brother man.

    You are turning Diablo3 into WoW.

    Bashiok: Sure, heard that one but let’s get into specifics.

    Iv played both games and enjoy both very much. But there are major differences.

    Bashiok: Uh huh.

    The only people really playing Diablo2 to this day are your true fans of the series and yet you overlook what they have to say.

    Bashiok: We only overlook the parts that suck.

    You follow what a little group of magic finders have to say about the game and only listen to them.

    Bashiok: Group of magic finders? That makes no sense, but if it did, it would be ridiculous. We don’t sit and wait for players to tell us what to do. Is their feedback important? Sure is, but it doesn’t mean they’re always right. If players call us on something and we agree with it, sure we’ll make a change, but don’t mistake that with us relying on the player base to teach us how to make a game.

    Diablo2 was not just used for Magic finding, Or just dueling.

    Bashiok: I hope not.

    But both are BIG parts of Diablo2.

    Bashiok: Debatable. Also raising the question, should they be? Or do they have to be? But those are discussions for a better thread…

    Without having magic find there and being able to sell gear, There is no real way to become “Rich” At the game anymore.

    Bashiok: You just said magic finders are the people we shouldn’t be listening to, and now you’re championing magic finding. This is nonsensical sir.

    We will all have the same character builds/All have the same items.

    Bashiok: How did you come to that conclusion!? Because of your assumption that there won’t be magic find? I would like to subscribe to your news letter.

    Which is boring.

    Bashiok: There’s no logical connection between the two, but sure, if everyone had the same builds and same items it would be boring.

    The best part about Diablo2 is the community and how much it differed from any other gameing community.

    Bashiok: It’s really not as different as you might think.

    These are 2 of the most known Diablo2 trading websites outthere, They get over 40,000 hits a day.  Yet blizzard has not looked into one of them?

    Bashiok: What does this have to do with anything?

    Without dueling and magic finding, Diablo3 will be nothing more then just another expansion of World of warcraft.

    Bashiok: You keep saying these words. Who told you we wouldn’t have magic find or dueling? ALSO, World of Warcraft has dueling. So magic find alone dictates a Diablo game from a Warcraft MMO? I hope you’re an organ donor, because your brain will have to be studied until the end of time.

    Please do not make that mistake and lose fans. I have personally bought over 100 copy’s of the Diablo series over my years of playing.

    Bashiok: Holy c… what did you DO?

    But from the looks of it i will buy one copy of Diablo3 and probably play it for a week and trash it.

    Bashiok: Your assumption that we’re not going to have two game features that have nothing to do with any of the issues you bring up will limit your enjoyment to a week. Ok, well, we’ll try to include the features we never said we wouldn’t if we decide we should.

    Please start listening to the real fans of Diablo2 on how to make Diablo3. Instead of making a game for the WoW fan base.

    Bashiok: We’re going to focus on making a fun game, you keep on truckin’.

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