A fan asks about game difficulty, uses enough words to refute his own argument, and allows Bashiok to chime in with a common sense reply.

    I hope this game is hard

    And by “hard” I mean “challenging for players who have already experience with Diablo games”.

    Will it be so? I bet no. At least not until Hell difficulty.
    I’d like to walk out of town and having to pay attention to the very first monster you come across, if you don’t want to die. And not like you can take hits for a minute or two because you are not familiar with the interface. But I guess Blizzard has to take new customers into consideration who have possibly never played a hack’n’slay (“mommy please buy me this game all my friends have it and they say its so good!!!!!), so I think we can wave farewell to a challenging difficulty level for the greatest part of the game…

    Bashiok: A gradual progression of difficulty is the most logical approach for ensuring that the game is fun, and isn’t prohibitive or frustrating to players of any experience level or knowledge.  You seem to come to the same conclusion yourself, yet you disregard the logic of it because…

    The dumbness of the question obscures what is a legitimate topic of debate. Normal difficulty will not be that hard, for obvious reasons, but how much should the difficulty scale up on Nightmare and Hell? Since the Diablo games are designed so that every character can play solo, there are limits to upper level difficult, since the developers are committed to not forcing players to party for success.  Would you guys like to see a steeper difficulty curve though, especially in the end game? Added features on Battle.net like D2X’s Pandemonium Event, but much harder and better balanced? Ones that only the best characters can survive, and then only by working in groups?

    Or is that too WoW-like, and not suitable for the Diablo universe?

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