Only one post from Bashiok today, and it’s not Diablo 3 related, but it’s worth a view. It’s a follow up to the eloquent and much-lauded reply he made yesterday to a fan frustrated by the constant complaining that fills the battle.net forums:

    Woah woah woah! Nice shootin’ Tex…

    I was addressing advocates that are so quick to become overly defensive of Blizzard, and so easily trolled and lulled into arguments they’ll never win. I was addressing those that may not be used to the modern forum-age – if you will – and haven’t built the callouses necessary to just move on and not reply to every slightly critical post. Take that passion for Blizzard and our games and direct that into something that’s actually worthwhile, and not trying to tell someone else off. My main point was that, it’s not *your* job as a forum goer to respond to everything that’s even slightly critical. We appreciate the passion, but don’t drive yourself crazy trying to rationalize with people who don’t intend to be rational. I don’t want to see any mascara-run teary eyed pleas to “Leave Blizzard Alone!”.

    We have a lot of passionate and driven posters who may be putting too much time and effort in to worrying about what other people think of us, defending us, and getting in to circular arguments. Don’t. Just keep on truckin’ and you’ll have a much better time here.

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