Bashiok on Expecting Diablo 3’s Doom

DiabloWikiBashiok seems to be out on patrol today, posting much more than he has in the past two weeks or so. He responded to a poster will be lamenting Diablo 3’s demise, since he stopped playing the beta after 7 hours. This prompted a snarky, yet interesting retort.

There’s only like 40 minutes of content in the beta, so that’s pretty amazing you played for 7 hours. I hereby crown this game … SUCCESSFUL!

On a more serious note, I too worry that we won’t be able to meet the expectations people have built up for themselves. Part of my job is managing people’s expectations, so… eh… stop it. Stop thinking about how awesome this game could be. Just imagine it’s a new M. Night Shyamalan movie. Sure Sixth Sense was amazing and Unbreakable had it’s moments, but this right here is the sequel to The Village … or The Happening … or Signs … or any of the movies besides the two I first mentioned. So just like, lower those expectations, but still definitely buy the game please, and everything will be just fine. K?

I find it interesting that he states that it’s only 40 minutes of content. If I recall, the original figure stated to the public was nearly two hours of content that covered 1/3rd or so of Act 1. But playing 7 hours of the beta is actually pretty good in light of that fact, considering that equates to nearly 18 playthroughs using Bashiok’s figures.

One thing that is interesting, though, is the idea of meeting your expectations for Diablo 3. I’ve seen many conversations that revolve around the game’s inability to conquer nostalgia, hype, or any other standard to which we will hold Diablo 3. Do you think that Diablo 3 will live up to your expectations? Or will it fall short from the high pedestal it has been set on?

All I can say is that imagining Diablo 3 as The Happening really is painful.

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  1. Hmm LOL! Weird, funny, douche’ish respond from mr. big bash. I agree though they wont be able to deliver the product that the hype demands. noone ever truly did that anyway 🙂 

    A hype is a personal definition of what a product should be like, divided between (in D3’s case) maybe 1 million peeps, sustained by clever marketing and faithful/(vendictive)/addicted fans. 

    1 million or more personal hype interpretations of how D3 should be:) how on earth do you produce such a product really?

    Sry if my English skills aint on par ;-( 

    • While I kind of hate the fact, Starcraft 2 totally delivered at least to me all the hype it generated. It’s one of the rare games that I can say truly satisfies from a gameplay standpoint me.

  2. I know it will be a game with lots of monster killing and loot getting and a rune system that is awesome. (I know this just from messing around with it and dreaming up builds.) So long as I understand this, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. I’m not sure what people expect here.

    I suppose you’d have to check back with people in 5-10 years and ask, because that seems to be the yardstick against which Diablo games are measured.

  3. Did bash just make fun of diablo 3? Sarcasm about their product is not allowed at blizzard. Rest in peace bro.

  4. People are expecting to relive their childhood, I mean a big part of the audience including myself were in their young teens at least when D2 was in its prime, and of course we’ll be disappointed because D3 won’t infuse the joy and innocence and spirit of youth into our veins, minds. D2 was a game in an age where neither online gaming nor games in general had come very far, and in that light D2 was a van Gogh among kindergarten drawings. D2 is still a good game, but D3 is just another game in todays competition of countless MMO:s and other games that get better and better for each year. It’s gonna be a good competitor for sure, but it’s not gonna have us spend all summer manically starting at a trade channel or doing cow runs like D2 did back then. Games have come too far since then to have that effect I believe.

    Anyway, like I said it’ll most likely not meet the expectations because of the gloria that the Diablo franchise has, but it won’t land drastically away from them either. I think most of us don’t expect some Messiah of a game after all, at the end of the day D3 is very simplistic in its nature and we pretty much know what’s coming at us when we buy it minus some surprises, but I’m expecting it to be great entertainment for a few months at least which is a good thing nowadays.

    • Are you not contradicting yourself when you say that games have gotten so much better over the years, yet at the same time getting 3 month of entertainment out of a game is more than expected? I was never quite convinced that it was just us growing up that made us not care so very deeply for a single game anymore. ❓

    • Games today are made like Justin Bieber songs, they are simplistic and go for the target. Go to youtube and see the view marker and then search any other great band you like. You will be pissed but Justin Bieber wont, and believe me…Blizzard wants to be Justin, they hit a great son called WOW and “when its ready” they will hit the charts with Diablo 3.

      U mad bro?

      That´s the problem with games today, no love is invested in them. In the past we had less technology and made better games, today thy should rule the game industries but wait! Irwin got closed?? Uhhh who is Blizzard anyway?

      But i must confess, they really ripped diablo 2 and took the best of it hoping fore the same impact! Cant blame them, im still waiting for it.

      • I know it does seem roleplaying games of the past were really good. Horror-type games were also destroyed by technology according to the people at Penny Arcade’s Extra Credits. FPS also went a bit more towards the realistic after the Half-Life/Counterstrike era. Consoles probably messed things up too. Damn useless consoles and their inferior specs.

        Then again we tend to remember the good games/songs of the past and forget the crap. Justin Bieber didn’t pop out of nowhere. He came from the Backstreet Boys and Boyz 2 Men (sp?) – I remember their song Kiss From A Rose (?) being the first pop-y song that annoyed the shit out of me from constantly being spammed on the radio.

        Even before those, there probably was more crap in one form or another. (But growing disposable income passed onto tweens/young teens really propped up the Annoying Pop Bands/Singers imo since those people are too inexperienced to know people like Bieber suck at music).

        Perhaps the same is happening with computer games. But hey, look on the bright side – there’s a market and money to be made from every demographic. If they neglect older, more sophisticated gamers long enough someone else will step in, give us what we want and profit enormously, drawing attention to us

        • Gaming has become a big industry, and the companys just want to make money. But if you look good there are still some great games that arent really AAA and just go back to the roots . e.g. Amnesia , a superb horror game that IMO only caters to the most hardcore of horror gamers. Torchlight , a game that tried to bring back diablo and failed because it got close in every aspect but not close enough , difficulty was weird and item finding wasnt all that exciting because of it. Now Double Fine ( or whatever theyre called) the Tim Schafer company is trying to make a new point and click adventure game. Old School gaming isnt gone , and it is still here . you just gotta look very good . although i do admit that its only like 1-2 games a year. Also Blizzard just wants to make money , but they dont do it like other publishers by making half-assed games and hyping them . no, they make awesome games the only thing is : they dont innovate and go more mainstream.

    • I was a teen when D1 was in its prime. I remember D2 being overhyped as well, and, dare I say it… actually disappointing in some ways. First, they talked about features like Barbarian herb gathering to make potions that only got implemented in WoW (which is why I find the more unfounded accusations of D3 being like WoW and therefore sucking hilarious – devs steal ideas from their own games all the time as long as they don’t mess up the unique playstyles it’s fine). They talked about features that were later changed or shelved. Things like having actual dialogue with NPCs, travelling merchants, overhyped questing system, etc. The same thing will probably happen here.  
      The second thing I remember is the Diablo community seemed a bit asshole-ish/flame-y in some ways, and that seems to have gotten worse now. Seriously… I’m also looking into Guild Wars 2 and some of their fans might be a tad over-enthusiastic but they’re generally civil and realistic. Even the SW:TOR community seems half decent compared to some of the D3 community here, and TOR is a game that… well… let’s just say it was a little rushed and the game design is a little outdated…  
      Wall of rant-y text ahead!
      D1 was my childhood Put-You-On-A-Pedestal-Of-Awesomesauce Action-RPG game. Even D2 on release kind of failed with a death penalty for SC that was a bit too light especially in Normal (D1 multiplayer’s death penalty was too harsh and unfair; a warrior dying & getting d/c in a room full of strangers could lose all items and have a hard time recovering but a not-so-gear dependant sorc could die in a room full of friends and be perfectly fine).
      Also their overemphasis on uniques obtainable from gambling that ruined the uniqueness of characters (i.e. every mid/high level caster, especially before they gave mana pots to vendores, had frostburns except firesorcs that had magefists) Okay D1 in some ways had this problem too but not as bad as D2 as only some uniques were very powerful.
      The skill/spell system was so badly broken imo, it went from “find a book, meet the Magic requirements, read it and now warrior, you too can shoot fireballs! (if you can finish your animation that is!)” to “oh hai, you a Frozen Orb sorc? Well get ready to royally suck until mid-30s. You put points into Ice Blast because you were tired of being totally useless at low-lvls and having to leech off of others? hahaha n00b you just permanently wasted points you could have used for Meteor/Fire Mastery in Hell vs cold immunes. Oh, didn’t know about those? Fail. Reroll.” 
      There was also the potion-gobbling problem but D1 also had this problem so that doesn’t count.
      LoD fixed things but made other things worse with teleporting barbs (cross-class skills), more garbage junk attributes and runewords that forced you to metagame way too much and learn a bunch of dumb info in case someone trades you a duped unfindable high rune… but that’s just my opinion of LoD, lots of people like that system.
      However I do think the skill system change and increased emphasis on sets & uniques in D2 Classic era went away from D1 (and in a bad direction). The same thing will probably happen to D3 since it’s not D2.5 – whether, like in D2 the changes end up making the gameplay worse or not it’s hard to say without playing the full game. Despite all this D2 was still a good, replayable game and so will be D3. (best aspects of D2 = closed, HC mode and unique monster attributes)

    • I approve of this message. No way this game rekindles the Diablo glory days. Sure, it seems to be a fun game so far but I’m not sue it captures the essence of what Diablo was to fans years ago.

      • That’s because the Diablo “glory” days is an overblown illusion of false awesomeness perpetuated by the nostalgia of the dwindling hardcore D1/D2 fanbase. The thing is, that illusion is mostly because it happened when we were young, and everyone gets nostalgic about stuff they liked when they were kids. A lot of the time, when you go back and look at something you loved when you were a kid, you realize that it actually kind of sucked, but it was awesome at the time (because there was hardly anything else to compare it to), so yeah…

        • …this is the only reason why people like Justin Bieber make any money…

        • Well said mate. This is exactly what i was thinking. Nostalgia is a bitch especially when it comes to things you care about.

          DIII will not be what we have built it up to be in our minds but we will love it nonetheless. Our kids will think its the best game ever, and when they hit 30, give or take a year, and D4 comes out, gods willing, they will be saying the exact same thing.

        • I’ve been playing the original Diablo lately, and it is still as amazing as I remember it. You’re wrong.

  5. This will be *the* game for the next 10+ years to come, because it’s perfect for everyone who has not a lot of time to burn for gaming in general. It will therefore eat up a lot casual gamers from today’s and future MMO’s, from both the competition and Blizzard itself. Plus, the RMAH will be a groundbreaking success. Mark my words. ^^

  6. Judging from the many vids I’ve seen, 40 mins is a pretty brisk pace. At a more normal pace, it seems to take about an hour to 90 mins depending on randomization, thoroughness, ect.
    On expectations – my expectations for D2 were so sky-scrapingly high that despite being majorly disappointed by dozens of aspects of its very poor design decisions, it was still my favorite game of all time. That’s right – my favorite game ever and it was still kind of a disappointment. It coulda been so much better…..

    • I was initially pretty disappointed with D2. I was used to the slow pace and omnipresent sense of death in D1 (and the corpse-popping-shit-hope-I-can-get-back-to-my-gear fear that surrounded it. I missed playing the iconic medieval archetype classes, the satisfaction and huge protection boost of clanking on your first plate mail, the completionist feeling of maxing out your stats and all the spells.
      …But it held my interest. I started finding more and more things to enjoy, stuff I liked about the game I *was* playing, as opposed to missing stuff that was in the game I *used to* play. Gradually, as I started experimenting with crazy builds and collecting more items I found I loved this game for what it was. I still love D1, and play it sometimes, and it’s awesome. Same with D2. D3 will meet my expectation if I get that much enjoyment out of it simply for the game it is.
      And, if my time playing with the demos at Blizzcon the past three years (sadly, no beta key for me yet) is any indication, I will. 8)

      • Yes, getting surrounded by Death Knights was something you feared unless you were very powerful and had fastest hit recovery (which you absolutely needed no matter what class you played unless you wanted to get hit-locked to death… I remember my mage having to esc/leave after getting pwned by Nightmare extra fast boss acid spitters in Caves and literally not being able to move… Blargh! blar-bla-blarg-bla-blar-blah-bla-bl-blah!).
        Succubus were a nightmare with their ability to outrun you and their armour class that was the highest in the game. Magic Resistance existed as a stat just for them and you made sure you had good magic resist… Those evil topless temptresses also made you gobble up so much mana with their resists…
        I once let my sorc get hit by those zombies that permanently removed 1hp/hit so I’d have 1hp per every level…and I remember being accused of cheating because my hp were too low… I remember that magical 2h sword you’d often find after clearing Caves lvl4 that was useless but sold for 10-20 piles of gold… /randommemory

      • This is a very elegant synopsis of my nostalgic memories of D1. Gee, plate mail. that was big! And king’s sword of haste, man…sometimes I wish I was 15 again, or maybe not today;)

  7. I loved “The Village”, “Unbreakable” and “Signs”, “6th Sense” was ok.

    “The Happening” sucked though.

    On a more serious note…. mhmm nothing… 


    How many times do i have to give the source of Jay Wilson interview to prove this?

    There are 3.5 acts. 40 mins x 3.5 x 2 = 4 hours and 40 mins long story.

    Edit: Thanks Tomsch. I simply forgot it was half of the act. It’s 3:25 am here anyway. I have an excuse 🙂

    • 40 mins x 2 x 3.5 = 4 hours and 40 mins

      I doubt Diablo3 Normal mode will be that short.

    • So… 1/2 of the act is 1 out of 3 bosses (we have known for a while that there’s the spider queen between sk and the final boss)? What? Do you also consider Blood Raven as the half-way point of D2 Act 1?

      Just because Jay Wilson said the beta is about half of Act 1 one time a long time ago doesn’t mean that is actually the case for the final game. He also said the beta would be about 6 months long back when they were expecting it to be out at the end of 2011 so it’s not like his comments are always to be taken as infallibly accurate.

    • Wildly inaccurate length estimates. The beta is lot less than half of act one; it’s only about 40% of the areas in Act One, and as the levels they get a lot bigger and slower as you advance, you can do the math there.

      Also seems pretty likely that Act 2 and 3 will be larger and longer and more detailed than the very linear, noob-friendly act 1. No idea if Act 4 will be much like D2’s, and half the size, though.

      • D3 Beta – First Half of Act 1,

        Jay Wilson:

        Acts will get shorther towards to end, final act being the shortest:

        Jay Wilson:

        If you have any proofs about your claims or if you think you know better than Jay Wilson when it comes to D3, feel free to share the proofs and maybe you could tell us the release date of D3.

      • They did say that act 4 is deigned to accelerate you towards the conclusion <- From this is it fair to assume that act 4 will be shorter & faster paced than most of the other acts.
        Likewise I think they said or dropped hints that act 1 is also shorter than acts 2 & 3.
        This make sense from the view of telling a story, first bit (act 1) sets the scene/setting in this case Big D has returned and the heroes sets off on there travels. The middle (act 2 & 3) is the story of the heroes journey and the tell of Big D continuing rise to power. The last part (Act 4) the heroes find where Big D  hiding place/goal/whatever just before he finishes his big plan and the epic battle takes place to reach and stop him before it to late.

      • Hmm 1/2 of act 1, but that depends on how you measure it, in terms of area in terms of time spent per play though, or in that its 50% of the act 1 story 9IE 50% of act 1 quests). All of these can be taken as 50% of act 1.
        The second bit just says that act 4 will be short than the rest, the others can be any size hell act 3 might be 10 times the size of the other acts.

  9. Is this game not going to match expectations?  Of course not, this game is hyped higher than the stars at this point.  People are putting their memories of D2 up on a pedestal and then transferring all those memories into D3.  D3 is going to be an amazing game, I’ve loved playing the beta to death, but there is no question that people are going to be a little disappointed.  It won’t even be D3’s fault that some people get disappointed, it’s just how it’s going to end up.  That said, I’m still going to love this game to death 🙂

  10. New M. Night Shyamalan movie?

    So Bashiok is telling us to not buy Diablo 3 now? 

    It’s not really so much the memories, considering some of us still play Diablo 2 and prefer it over the numerous, more modern titles.

  11. What i would like to know is, how the fansite i have been visiting this whole time didn’t get 450 keys to give out…. 

  12. As you can see, even Bashiok admitted in the “serious note” that the game will not meet the expectations and will be disappointment. Even Bashiok admits this so what should we expect from the game other than epic failure?

    • Bashiok is playing it safe 🙂 This game is gonna rock hehe

      The hype however demands a perfect game designed for every single Diablo player who raised his or her voice:) Should be easy to produce such a game… Im sure Blizz Devs are just lazy 

    • Was waiting for the obligatory whiny troll to come in and say something like this. Thanks for filling the quota Themo… 🙄

  13. Nobody believes a word Bashiok says any other time, why believe him now?

    Suiting up and answering the question on everybody’s mind – all Bashiok is doing here is pointing out how desperate and douchey everyone has been acting on bnet.  People (including me, so put those flamethrowers down!) act like this is the 2nd coming.  It will be excellent, it will be all that and a bag of chips, but it will not be all that and a bag of chips and a 2nd bag of chips.

    That’s all he was saying (the filthy liar that he is).

  14. I don’t consider myself as having a particularly high boredom threshold but I’ve had hours of fun and enjoyment in the beta.  The only reason I’m not having a go tonight is because the wipe is coming and it feels like a waste.

    It takes me longer than 40 mins from start to finish but I’m a completionist however it’s easy enough to do in half that if you ignore everything that’s not essential to quest progression.

    Bashiok is correct though. Expectations are high. It has big shoes to fill and with such a long drawn out development process it’s been scrutinised every step of the way.

    • yeah my runs tend to take about an hour and change, for the same reason.
      I have put more then 100 hours in to the beta, and all I can say is I want MOAR!!!

    • Come ON. All their countless delays have been justified saying they were necessary to make the game “perfect upon release” and now suddenly, you tell us not to have expectations??

      When you develop a game for 10 years, and being a company like Blizzard, you naturally build up high expectations. I hate Bashiok’s post because…because it somehow feels wrong that they should have all the time in the world, and then delay the product twice, and then use a DRM, and at the same time ask us to have no expectations and not be disappointed. In a world of give and take, I think it’s very fair for us to have supremely high expectations of Diablo 3.

      • I love how you threw in the DRM thing as if it had any semblance of having even an iota of relevance to the delays and hype issue whatsoever… way to kill your credibility, although you had an otherwise valid point.

      • No, the DRM is another issue that riles most gamers and pisses them off royally. But we swallowed that bitter pill too (like all the other pills – double delay, overlong dev cycle and so on) in anticipation of a near-perfect game.

        NOW that the talk about those irritating aspects of D3 has subsided, Bashiok very nicely comes out and tells us, sorry guys, don’t expect a show. I am not taking any of that. If Diablo gets anything below 95 on Metacritic I will be disappointed. I know everybody should not think like that but I can’t help myself. Its been too long, way too long.

        • Why, in the name of all things good, would you trust a Metacritic score?  Take a look at what they have D1 and D2 rated at.  After that come back and tell me why you put your emotional stock in a score from them?

          Here let me save you some time
          D1 94
          D2 88
          D2 LoD 87

  15. Ok…… So looking at my beta account, so far I’ve played 24 hours, and that’s not including the speed runs on characters that I’ve deleted, and the rare SK runs on characters that I’ve deleted. I’m super excited that my characters are getting wiped soon, because it gives me a reason to do it all over again….
    Is Diablo 3 Doomed? Hardly, at least imho. Sure some people wont like it (or at least they claim) but it will most definitely be my greatest Diablo experience ever. I know this already from the short 45 – 1 hour of content we get from the beta.
    GJ Blizzard, and all you haters can GFY for all I care  🙂

  16. Know what I expect? Exactly what we’ve been shown. People expect these…weirdly almost romantically “magical” moments in games. I never understood that.

  17. “One thing that is interesting, though, is the idea of meeting your expectations for Diablo 3. I’ve seen many conversations that revolve around the game’s inability to conquer nostalgia, hype, or any other standard to which we will hold Diablo 3. Do you think that Diablo 3 will live up to your expectations? Or will it fall short from the high pedestal it has been set on?”

    Okay, not to beat a dead horse but I think any judgements passed that say that this game so far is not living up to the hype and so on are completely out of line as everyone needs to remember this is the 1/3 of the 1st act of normal!!!! My own opinion is that Diablo3 will surpass Diablo3, why? Because Diablo3 is doing everything Diablo2 did but BETTER, how? The customization blows D2’s away that is fact. The game play and item hunt will be the same if not better. The graphics are better, the bosses looks awesome (siegebreaker) and I bet Diablo will be one badass looking boss and encounter in this game. So yes I am very optimistic that D3, despite the complaining and so forth, will be better.

    • Diablo3 will surpass Diablo3?

    • What is laughable about your fanboi rant is that things like the “seigebreaker” will likely not even make it into the game. They already came out and said “no gory death animations” like the one we see the seigebreaker perform on a barb in the 2008 video. D3 has been changed SO much since then that it isn’t the same game that they showed us back in 2008. This is practically a “bait and switch” scheme. Oh and I just LOVE the fact that Bash actually came out and said that you should “lower your expectations…but buy it anyway”. Really? He admits it will NOT be up to par but still wants you to shell out cash for it anyhow. ZOMFG!

  18. There’s so much hype because they’ve been cradling this demonic b*tch for FOUR YEARS.  I’ve been checking up on updates of this game for years, and, not unlike SC2, I’ve read enough about this game that I feel like I’ve already finished reading the players’ handbook and the strategy guide.  No other gaming company has a both the fan-base and the inbred patience to force a hype this unduly upon their own foundation (i.e. gamers). How would you like it if the gaming community boycotted D3 until \we feel like it\, and played Torchlight 2 instead?  Maybe then Blizzard would at least drive the speed limit. But seriously, activision/blizzard, you make BILLIONS of dollars annually, is it really that hard to hire a few extra hands to get your games packaged just a little bit sooner? And Bashiok, don’t tell us not to have high expectations for a game that you have told us many times isn’t out yet because your entire company wants to ensure that \everything is just right\ for release.  It’s like you’re polishing the giza pyramids; of course that sh*t better come out sparkling. 

    • Yeah same here… The wait has been excrutiating, but I honestly feel it will be worth the wait. The wait for Diablo 2 was just as bad as I remember, and people were complaining about how different it was then too. Even the D2 beta was very short with even less content than D3’s…… But oh well… I see all these supposed “Hardcore” Diablo fans complaining, but don’t they remember Blizzards past titles and the long painful wait that ensued after announce? lol… 😉

    • EXACTLY THIS. Love the last bit. I skimmed the entire thread on the official forums…people there are either too dumb or too scared of deletion to mention anything like this. When you delay stuff and “iterate” on stuff for seven years or more, you had better come out sparkling. Low expectations for D3 is something I will not settle for. And Bashiok is mistaken if he thinks one forum post will kill expectations.

    • Don’t you get the over all point of his comment about lowering your expectations. He KNOWS the game is a turd and will FAIL horribly. He knows this but still quips…’you will buy it anyhow’. Seriously WTF!

  19. Its made even more painful by the fact that D3 isn’t HAPPENING.



  20. I just hope the game has good crafting.  A buddy and I recently started playing diablo II again.  And the main draw this time is the crafting.  If Blizzard puts as much thought into the crafting as they did in Diablo II, i’m sure it will be a great game.  I realize they already have crafting in place, via recipies with random enchantments, but these do not compare to runewords.  It is fun to just look up the runewords, think about what you could make IF you were just lucky enough to get that last rune you need.  With the random enchantments, it’s like, “Ok, I’m going to try this recipe again, what will I get?  Oh look, another piece of shit..”  That isn’t fun, realizing how close you are to getting something that is guarenteed awesome, like the runeword oath on a frenzy barb dual weilding axes.

  21. All I expect is for D3 to be atleast close to what I experienced all those years with Diablo II. What he said is horrific.. It is like admitting that the game is bad. I feel it is not though and hopefully Bash is just really bad at expressing himself.

  22. Is Bash having a laugh? some people have been waiting for this game for 10 years, of course expectations are high???

  23. I think this game will be awesome.  Well, let me clarify that.  I think Diablo 3 will be at least as good as Diablo 2, for many reasons which I won’t get into.  So where does that place D3 on the awesome scale?  That’s personal opinion.  

    However, I don’t think D3’s awesomeness will necessarily increase its longevity over Diablo 2.  It might, but I think the biggest deciding factor here is how D3’s economy will play out in the long run.  Two things specifically:

    1) The Auction House, particularly the RMAH.  This feature alone could make or break Diablo 3.  

    2) Gold and item sinks.  Acquiring phat lewt is directly correlated to Diablo 3’s replayability.  If a player creates a character and plays it to the end game and gets all of the best items, and there is never any place for those items to go, the replay value will drop over time.  You can only play the same character with the same items so long before you get bored and move onto something else.      

    I also think the Arena will play a huge part in Diablo 3’s awesomeness/longevity.       

  24. I think it all depends on the itemization and items in general. If they make the top level items different enough to allow for multiple customizable builds, as well as interesting enough and rare enough (duh) thats all that will be required.

    Bragging rights aside, I think WoW had a terrible formula. Incremental increases in power is bull. We need Buriza’s, Windforces, and assorted RuneWords ala BOTD (yeah I realize those are gone now, but something along those lines in legendary items will be required).

    It was the name of the game in D2, no reason why they should fix that if it aint broke….

    My 2c’s anyway.

    • Yeah WoW’s formula for items was garbage and after BWL you realized it was just a hamster wheel and the item stats meant nothing. I have no worries about the items they’ll at the least be the same as D2 as long as they make it so that RARES are the best items again.

  25. I was just thinking yesterday actually, since this games announcement in 2008 I have been pretty heavily anticipating it.  I’ve been on this website pretty much every day, usually more than once.  So I believe I have officially been waiting for and anticipating Diablo III for longer than I will likely actually PLAY Diablo III. Regardless of how great it ‘might’ be.
    Which brought me to my other fear: Expectations… After all this waiting and waiting I’m truly hoping for something grand, but really I fear that a lot of the MomShioked systems are going to be nothing but a drag for a seasoned gamer.
    We shall see! (In several more months of expectation-building waiting)

  26. I expect more quests in D3 then WoW have in total, since Blizzard said that themselves. Let’s see if they can live up to that!

  27. I have no expectations beyond what they show from the game, I hope they have more to show before release.

  28. I admit the beta exceeded my expectations for D3 but im positive the game will not come close to Diablo 2. Do any of you see yourself playing D3 in 2022?

  29. LOL Bash actually came out and admitted that he KNOWS the game isn’t going to meet expectations (he is admitting tacitly that the game SUCKS but still gives us the old “you’ll buy it anyway” mantra. I just LOVE that…such great ethics. Bliz Bidnizz think: “Yes, we know we are making a substandard, epic FAIL of a game, that people have been waiting for, for over a decade but we know you are such boot licking fanbois that you will buy it anyway…even though it sucks and makes you nerdrage at how much suckage is to be found within…muhahahahahahaha suckers!” 

    See fools…Bash just came out and said exactly what the truth is. They don’t give TWO freakin’ turds about making a TURD of a game, they just want you to buy the turd. It’s ridiculous. WHY waste your cash or time on a game or company that has completely ABANDONED you as a customer. Bash’s comment and many others from the fanbois here “you complain about it sucking but you’ll buy it anyway” are prove positive of that. It is amazing to me that they have actually gotten so many morons (many who post the quote I just gave in response to criticism of their precious D3) into believing that “it may suck but I will still gladly shell out 60 bucks for it anyhow” is a GOOD deal for them!


    The world has truly gone insane. There was a time when game companies would have been punished for this type of thinking…Flagship Studios knows this ALL too well. 🙂  

  30. I expect it to bet yet another online grinding game with obsolete visuals, but with deep and polished game mechanics. I’m still curious about the game, because I had my moments in Diablo II and original Diablo. But I won’t buy it 100%. I won’t be playing online games ever again.

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