DiabloWikiBashiok made a few quick, inconsequential posts today, and then one big one in response to a guy who asked about 50 questions. In which he answered quite a few of those questions. The red quoted bits are the questions, with Bashiok’s answers below them.

    Oh… why not. Questions with uninteresting “no comment” or “unknown at this time” answers removed.

    Has anymore thought been put into Hardcore? Are any features decided-upon?

    I think the last thing I heard from Jay on it in public was something along the lines of “Ok fine we’ll just commit to a hardcore mode here and now” outside of that no details have been released.

    Has a definitive MP player-limit been set?


    Should we be looking forward to a *major* informational update soon?

    Haha, you did my work for me. Yes, soon. 😀

    Will regular enemies have spell abilities that can cause the loss of character control (fear, etc.)?

    I’m not aware of any, though there are some things that will hold your character in place. They’re usually resolved through dealing damage though, so it’s not like you actually lose control of your character. It’s up to you how fast you regain movement control. Quite a few trap and monster abilities have yet to be designed though, so I wouldn’t count anything out. In general I’m not sure full loss of character control fits into this game.

    What is a work day in the life of Bashiok like?

    A serious answer would just depress everyone.

    I’ve heard that you guys affectionately refer to Boyarsky as “Leonardo.” Truth?

    I’ve called him Chef Boyarsky, but I don’t think it caught on.

    What is the approximate maximum number of summonable creatures for the Witch Doctor?

    You mean mongrels, or how many abilities does he have that summon creatures? Neither would be final so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Is gold truly on auto-pickup or was that just set in the gameplay movie?

    You only need walk over/near gold to pick it up.

    Can we make other items auto-pickup?

    Not planned.

    Can you reveal yet how Gold is being made more valuable?

    People will want more of it.

    Will gold values show on ALT-hold?


    Will the other D2 character classes be making appearances (a la Blood Raven & the Summoner)?

    Could be.

    Are any notable sound effects making returns?

    Hrm, interesting question. I’m not sure. Probably not.

    From the Blizzcast 8 screenshots, it looks like the action bar at the bottom has become a lot bigger. Is this so, or is it just the screenshots? I thought it looked pretty darn good in the reveal trailers.

    I hadn’t noticed that. I’m not sure.

    Will there be an option to hide the action bar?

    I would guess that there will be so you can take a screenshot without UI elements.

    What is the purple glow on the Witch Doctor’s sword in the gameplay trailer?

    Probably a +arcane damage stat.

    If potions are so rare, what do belts do now? Do they add additional potion tab slots? Are they just another opportunity for item bonuses?


    What is the icon to the top-right of the minimap in the gameplay trailers?

    Unless I’m mistaken, World Map.

    One other good post came in response to a question about some sort of elite, super difficulty level. Bashiok’s reply:

    We aren’t looking to make the game any easier, we’re shooting for Diablo II difficulty more or less for normal. It’s an easy ramp up, pretty much anyone regardless of if they’ve ever played a game before or not can get in and start clicking on monsters and kill them with little trouble.

    Then you have the new difficulty levels that unlock, and the game really forces you to move beyond the “easy to learn” portion and into the “difficult to master”.

    Actually some of the things that made/make Diablo II extremely difficult later on are usually due to bugs or design/balance issues, so it’s hard to compare overall difficulty at those later difficulties with a completely new game. But in short, no, we’re not planning on the game being any “easier”. We’ve only said that we’re shooting for a similar difficulty ramp in normal mode.

    There are currently no plans to require more than one person to complete any areas of the game.

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