Amidst all of his posts on this week’s “new” monster, Bashiok made a quick comment on how elemental effects will be visualized on DiabloWikiweapons. Here’s the post, which is mostly Bashiok quoting a forum reader who (correctly) suggested a common sense approach to handling this issue.

    The enchanted weapons are just a joke. Don’t get me wrong I think that they should leave the flame, lightning and cold weapon animations. There just needs to be variety of effects for different levels of damage that a weapon does. …cold damage – 1-10 weapon glows blue, 11-25 weapon leaves a blue trail, 25-50 weapon leaves frost trail, 51+ weapon has constant frost + trail (what we saw in gameplay demo) and similar for all enchanted items. Its a little ridiculous when an maul does 1-5 fire damage is on fire….just looks too over the top. The effects should be more varied plus it would add some identification for multiplayer and for just add more depth to the game…not to mention give you something to strive for weapon wise.

    Bashiok: That’s actually exactly what we have. The elemental effects seen in the video were, at the time, the most “powerful” versions of each effect to make sure they were noticeable. And of course, they were certainly not final.

    So the first fire damage weapon you find in the game won’t look like this. Seems reasonable. Thanks to Telzen for the tip.

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