One of the many issues fans have been vocal about (pro and con) in these early days of Diablo III development is the on-screen display of the damage dealt per hit. Some fans love having the damage displayed right there on the screen, while others think it’s cheesy and WoW-like and that it breaks the immersion. We’ve seen multiple threads about the function and display of DiabloWikiDPS this in our forums, and when one recently popped up on Battle.net, Bashiok added a comment to answer the doubters.

    I think you’ve made a great case for why it should be there, thanks.

    …Having DPS there, as you said, provides a quick comparison if that’s all you want, and I’d argue that for many players, that’s all they’ll probably need or care about. For you and others who want to delve into the the specifics of the damage, how it’s being put out, as well as how effective it is, then that information is all still there. In fact we’re actually giving the player a lot more information now if they want to crunch numbers.

    So to have DPS shown, it’s a quick comparison for most people. If you want more information, then that’s there too. Having the DPS shown has good reasons, but removing it would just be for the sake of “it wasn’t in a previous Diablo game”.

    I will agree it’s not the best metric to gauge damage output in this type of game, but it is the simplest way to show a basic power difference between two items for beginning players.

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