A fan asked for more detail in the Diablo 3 damage display, and Bashiok, returned to active forum duty after a few weeks away, was able to provide a happy answer.

    Well good news then, this has been part of the character sheet for a long time now. I don’t foresee any reason why we’d remove it, but in any case just the normal disclaimer of this being a work in progress.

    An example!

    I have a barbarian with a halberd that adds 1-9 lightning damage in addition to its other stats. I mouse over his attack in the character sheet and it breaks down the damage for me in a tooltip:

      Total Damage – “54.2 – 164.6”
      – –
      Physical Damage – “27.0 – 79.0”
      – Physical Damage Bonus – “26.2 – 76.6”
      Lightning Damage – “1.0 – 9.0”

    And in researching this example I just found a bug, so it was a win-win situation for everyone.

    Oh and the physical damage bonus is from Strength.

    That level of detail is shown for everything in the character tree; not just the damage. Click through for an example of what all the Monk’s character window showed in the BlizzCon build.

    The Monk: Level 12

    Character Stats
    Strength: 50
    Dexterity: 70
    Vitality: 36
    Willpower: 53

    Left click damage: 10-17 (Exploding Palm)
    Right click damage: 13-21 (Crippling Wave)

    Physical Offense:
    1.10 Attacks per second
    14.7% Physical Critical Hit Chance
    +50.0% Physical Critical Damage

    0.0 Block Amount
    0.0% Block Chance
    610.7 Armor
    19.1% Physical Damage Reduction

    Resistances: All 0%. The names did not display; just icons for the five damage types.

    There was no box for hit points or mana in the character window. I had to hover over the red/blue bulbs to see those amounts. Those hovers showed a lot of detail, besides just the total amount. They showed how much I had, and from whence came that bonus.

    Life: 143/143 (15 + 108 + 20) “Life. Lose it all and you’re dead.”
    Base life: 15 Life from Vitality: 108   Life from items: 20

    Mana: 60/60. (27 + 33). “Mana: Required to use most skills.
    Base mana: 27.  Mana from items: 33.

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