Bashiok made some noise in the B.net D3 forum on Friday, and here’s the evidence:

    A fan referenced the game lore for the Fallen, and asked about some of the monster videos that failed to play during the panel presentations at Blizzcon 2009. Bashiok replied:

    Well I think that’s assuming Azmodan left some of, whatever they were, unchanged while the rest became the fallen. I think that’s probably unlikely.

    As for the missing BlizzCon videos, is it any consolation to say that they were rough videos of in-progress work that’s since changed? Probably not. But really, they weren’t super exciting.

    Another fan brought up the painful truth that we’re waiting until at least 2011 for D3, to which Bashiok replied honestly.

    You’re all true fans. You’re posting in a forum, a lot of you daily or at least weekly for a game that most of you already expected was at least a year away. You’re the passionate core of our community. Don’t lose sight of that.

    We’re working hard to make a great game – and we announce as early as we do because we want you along for the ride. It’s important for us to show all of you what we’re working on and see what you think. It’s integral to the development process. We can’t just work in a vacuum, in a lot of ways we depend on you to let us know what’s up so we can make a game that we’re sure everyone is going to love.

    So … we got a little time. We still got plenty to show. Grab a chair. Stay a while.

    Click through for the longest post, about monsters, demons, and fiery breath.

    Another fan voices a familiar lament in most of our lives. Can has moar demons?

    There are not enough fire breathing monsters in D3.. or any for that matter! Any game with demons needs something that breaths fire!

    Bashiok: Huh… he does sort of bring up a good point. We haven’t shown a whole lot of demons yet have we? Maybe just about enough to count on one hand. Well, we’ll get there. Fire breathing seems a bit dragon-y though, right? I don’t know, we’ll see.

    I’m gonna try to count on one hand from memory…

    DiabloWikiMorlu seem pretty demonic
    -The demons the cultists summon that I can never remember the name of (DiabloWikidark demons?)
    DiabloWikiMistress of Pain I would assume is a demon
    DiabloWikiSiegebreaker of course
    DiabloWikiThousand Pounder is probably a demon

    hrm. Oh! The ghouls and DiabloWikiberserkers from the original announcement video have got to be some type of lower-rung demon.

    Ok, so a little more than a handful.

    I don’t know what a Morlu is, and we haven’t seen the Mistress of Pain (in game form). 🙁

    Bashiok: It was the demon the Monk fought in his announcement machinima.

    Mistress of Pain. Good point, she only exists in concept and if we were to include concepts I guess we’ve shown a fair amount more demon-kind.

    If only there were a wiki somewhere that had a comprehensive listing of every monster yet seen in game or concept art, and had (speculatively) classified them all by monster type? Oh wait…

    That aside, this seems like a reasonable argument until you cast your mind back and realize there weren’t exactly wall-to-wall fire-breathing demons in Diablo II.  In fact there weren’t any! Okay, Fetish Shaman and Imps atop Siege Beasts could cast Inferno, but that’s not technically breathing.I’d argue that the Minions of Destruction *should* have breathed fire, but nope. The Balrogs in Diablo I were the closest to fire-breathing in the whole series, but their fire was the useless Inferno spell, and players liked when they “breathed” fire, since their melee attack was much more dangerous. D2 Balrogs had a sort of inferno also, but they so much preferred to use their fists it was often unnoticeable. So anything fire-breathing in D3 will actually be an upgrade, in the flammable exhalation category.

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