DiabloWikiBashiok replied to a couple of interesting questions in the same forum post. First off, a fan asked if Diablo 3 would have a customizable interface, like WoW does.

    We’ve talked about this before but we don’t have any plans to support UI modification. As far as toggles for certain visual options, those are always possible but I wouldn’t promise anything yet.

    I’ve grown less and less enthusiastic about the way Diablo 3’s DiabloWikiinterface is seemingly designed to increase the difficulty by hobbling the player’s ability to do what he/she wants, all in the name of greater (immediate) ease of use and visibility. It’ll be interesting to see how this one unfolds come beta time, when thousands of fans finally get their hands on the game for long enough to form a real, educated opinion about how the controls are implemented.

    Later in the same thread came this:

    Will the desert have different areas where there is no uproar of sand blown in my face?

    Bashiok: Act II has a variety of locations that aren’t just sand blown desert. New locations and changing scenery keep things interesting. We’re upping the ante, so you’re not going to go into an act and it’s essentially the same look and tileset the whole way through. We keep a theme but there’s a ton of variation possible, even in a desert.

    So far in Act 2 we’ve seen desert areas (with some variety to them), parts of two desert towns, and desert tombs. Diablo 2 had versions of all of those, plus the multi-level palace in Lut Gholein, several desert sewers, and the Arcane Sanctuary. So yes, let’s hope we’ve only seen a small portion of Diablo 3’s tileset variety in Act 2, or we’ll have regressed from D2’s variety.

    I doubt we’ll see a repeat of the surreal, Escher-esque architecture of D2’s Arcane Sanctuary, but we know we’ll see some interesting city elements (perhaps including a palace?) in Act 2, and um… what else? Inside some of the desert mine shafts? Rise up into the rugged mountains? Enter a palm-filled desert canyon or oasis?

    What other Act 2 tile sets can you guys imagine?

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