Bashiok commented on a thread about playing SP or MP first, with this bit of insight into Blizzard’s focus on getting us online immediately, come Diablo 3 time:

    One thing that seems to be a fairly consistent experience for a lot of people when they first picked up Diablo II was their introduction to Battle.net. And it wasn’t generally a positive one.

    Most people, including myself, went home and installed the game and started playing. Over maybe a few weeks or months they’ve finished the game maybe a few times, they had a ton of fun, but they keep playing and trying to find more items.

    One day while loading up the game they notice the “Battle.net” button and decide to click it… and, their characters aren’t there. They have to start over. Any of us would have gladly played on Battle.net (in passworded games if necessary) just to have that online/trading option for their character available to them. It felt like a lot of wasted time to find the actual game, which was on Battle.net.

    While “starting over” is something almost every Diablo II player is going to do any way, the lack of on-screen instruction or indication as to what the different systems meant left a bad taste.

    To help avoid that type of situation we’re going to try to find ways to encourage Battle.net character creation first and foremost.

    Elsewhere, someone posted a fairly-convincing fake screenshot of D3, which had most of the b.neters going, until Bashiok pwned their fun. The shot is attached below.

    It isn’t Diablo III.

    I’m guessing it’s from another game or someone took the time to actually create it, which would be pretty cool. So no ideas where it’s from then?

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