Bashiok answered a few questions about Direct X 10 today. First up, will D3 support it?

    We haven’t announced any final support for DirectX versions/system requirements. I’ll say that right now we’re not using any DirectX10 features, but we potentially could.

    Follow up questions got increasingly technical. Don’t take any of this as set in stone until Blizzard makes a more official announcement, much closer to the release date.

    Hrm, I don’t know what functions could be running on separate threads to throw to alternate cores, I’d have to ask. As far as I know though multi-GPU support is purely (or almost purely) a function of the drivers to throw alternate frames to each card, and as such shouldn’t be dependent on the software(game) whatsoever.

    …I could just be wrong about SLi/Crossfire support. It just logically doesn’t seem to me like the software can make the call on where the frames are sent to draw. Whether there’s a performance increase or not is another thing of course. I don’t know enough about it though, I should ask a programmer.

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