Interesting tidbit from Bashiok in a post today.

    …the icon right now is literally the Diablo-skull-sans-soulstone from this piece of art—but I can almost guarantee it will change.

    Some fun trivia about that piece though: That piece of artwork was originally created as a logo mock-up, a very long time ago, for Diablo III. The middle numeral was taken out and it was re-purposed as a piece for post-release Diablo II.

    The More You Know! *gleam*

    So that death skull artwork was created in very early days when D3 was first under development at Blizzard North. They then modified it and released it in 2004 as D2 artwork. And players promptly seized it and re-modified it back into D3 artwork—it’s one of the many fake D3 logos collected on our Diablo 3 History article. We never knew how real that “fake” logo was?

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