In an almost unimagined event, someone on the Battle.net forums asked a genuinely new and interesting question. Even better, Bashiok replied to it.

    I myself am not color blind, but I recently heard that this guy that is visually impaired is sueing Sony for not making games cater to people who are visually impaired. I found out that there are actually some games out there that have an option for “color blind mode” which changes the color pallette and such. I know D3 will change the color of the item types to help color blindness, but will there be a color blind mode option?

    Bashiok: There are people on the development team that are colorblind so it’s something we’re constantly aware of. Aside from that though as a company we’re always interested in making our games as accommodating as possible. World of Warcraft for instance added a color blind mode which helps clarify item quality levels through text and not just color, whether Diablo III will need that option or not – it may.


    Elsewhere, it was more of the same, with someone agitating for Ninja and Samurai class characters in the Diablo world. As though medieval Japan just floated in from the east?  Bashiok’s reply was wordless; he simply pointed to the image you see below:

    Click through for two other Bashiok posts, following up on issues brought up earlier this week…

    When Bashiok commented on putting block or extra mods on two-handed weapons, it touched off a nice discussion here. He returned to that thread to add one short comment on something many fans are unaware of.

    Since durability has been removed the chance of that is 0.

    It wasn’t removed, it was never in the game. Whether we’ll ultimately have durability or not relies on a lot of factors. We don’t have it right now though.

    Also, the “skill trees should have video previews of each skill” question earned a followup from Bashiok, in which he stated a kinder version of my own condemning opinion:

    One reason I can see for us not to do it is that we want people to experiment, to try different skills and combinations. There are respecs, skill runes that either slightly augment or completely change how skills work, and we want people to try all those things out. It could be that showing a preview could influence people in unexpected ways.

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