Bashiok returned to the scene of yesterday’s crime and answered some more questions/complaints about the class-specific weapons issue.

    say you do want to support a melee wiz build with gear: are you going to have weapons and armor that can still support that kind of gameplay? i.e. if you are looking for melee modifiers that generally appear on 2H weapons, and you can’t equip a 2H weapon, will some kind of similar modifier show up on a 1H that the wiz can equip?

    Bashiok: Our intention isn’t to limit build potential by limiting what weapon types each class can use, and I attempted to explain that in my original post. So yes, we want to have a large variation of stats on all weapons to allow for experimentation and “off-build” customization.

    Are you planning on restricting armor choices similarly?

    Bashiok: There still aren’t any armor restriction planned. Armor is a different issue as it’s shown in much the same was as Diablo II, so more types don’t actually increase the animation/modeling costs like weapon types would.

    Will the cutting out of certain weapon types only relate to those weapons which are really antithetical to the archetype of the class, but still leave some wriggle-room? For example, will my wizard be unable to wield the massive two-hander, but still be able to swing a longsword?

    Bashiok: The list of what weapon types are or aren’t allowed for each class aren’t final and could change. They’re fairly logical choices and what is most commonly seen as closely tied to the hero archetypes. In our current game the wizard can’t wield a two-handed sword for instance, but can still use a one handed sword and shield if so desired.

    Would it be possible that this restriction may be removed in later patches or expansions?

    Bashiok: Anything is possible. Dare to dream!

    It’s funny how this has suddenly blown up into such a big issue, when it’s not new info at all. We talked about it in our coverage from last year’s Blizzcon, but we didn’t think it was a big deal, and few fans had questions about it either. Here’s about the only comment I could find, from the transcript of one of the live chats we held from the show.

    1:07 [Comment From Azymn]

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