Last week, Bashiok made a seemingly simple remark about characters in non-PvP situations being able to pass through each other in Diablo III. That post set off considerable contentious debate both here and in the Battle.net forums, and Bashiok returned today to try and calm things down a bit.

    His first post:

    For the co-op game allowing players to clip through each other just makes for a better and more enjoyable experience. You’re already dealing with enemies surrounding you and blocking movement, there’s no reason for your friends to do the same.

    Of course clipping wouldn’t be able to work the same way in PvP situations, but we’re not talking about that yet.

    Today’s follow up.

    Let me follow up with further clarification and general design philosophy.

    Gameplay comes first. If making it so that cooperative players can’t pass through each other creates the best experience and most fun possible then that’s what we’ll do. What we won’t do though is make design choices and decisions for reasons of realism, or because Diablo II did it that way. There are places where staying true to the franchise definitely rings home, and points we want to and are hitting to make sure this is a true Diablo sequel. But character clipping is not one of those features.

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