A fan pointed out how nice it would be if Diablo III had buff timers, so we wouldn’t have to guess if the D3 equivalent of Shiver Armor, Battle Orders, Holy Shield, etc, were about to vanish.  Bashiok replied with good news.

    The game currently sports buff timers. It’s a simple system right now, I won’t go in to it too much as I suspect it might change. But to put your mind at ease, we already have a way to see buffs (and debuffs) and visually track the time left on them.

    Also, in a convenient tie-in to news we were going to post anyway, noted 3D fan artist Delowyn has completed his amazing Fallen Shaman project. The best way to view this creation is through the work-in-progress thread; it’s amazing to see how Delowyn has put this together over time, working on the model, the textures, the coloring, the belt and staff, etc. The whole creature was based on Bashiok’s animated Fallen Shaman forum avatar, and when Delowyn posted about it, Bashiok took notice.

    Added to my wall of fan art.

    I’ve been watching the updates and work that’s been going into it, great stuff.


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